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Cheap Wedding Flowers?
These Ideas Can Save You 50% And More

By Kennly Wedding

You have probably already got a great list of ideas for saving on your wedding flowers. The most common idea I hear is looking for wholesale flowers and doing the work yourself.

I agree that is a great way to save money, especially if you have very artsy friends who can help you with organizing the flowers and picking out flowers.

Here are two ideas for you that will help you cut your flower costs by 50%, maybe even more! This is especially helpful if you do engage the services of a florist and need to cut some costs.

Sharing The Costs To Get Cheap Wedding Flowers

If you book your wedding on a weekend, there is a potential of up to four other brides having their wedding on the same weekend. You have potential bookings for:

  • Friday Night
  • Saturday Morning/Afternoon
  • Saturday Night
  • Sunday Morning/Afternoon
  • Sunday Night

You can see where I am going with this already!

Contact all brides having their wedding on the same weekend and see if any of them are interested in sharing the same flowers, centrepieces, and decorations and also split the cost. You probably can't split the cost of the bride's bouquet if you're doing a bouquet toss. And depending on themes and colours you may not be able to share everything, but it definitely is worth the time to find out.

If you can share with just one other bride, that is a 50% savings on what you can share. Two other brides is a 66% savings. And so forth. That is what I call cheap wedding flowers!

Not to mention brides who are booking "off-time" (any other time than Saturday night) most likely do so because they are on a budget. These brides will be open to ideas for reducing their costs even more!

Getting in touch with the other brides:

The venue coordinator will be the person to ask for about this. They may not be ready to give the information right away. It will be a good idea to build a relationship first with this person.

Then, while discussing your catering for the venue or some other aspect, you can mention you are interesting in cutting your costs and then seeing if one of the other brides on that weekend can share the flower costs with you. At the very least she may contact them on your behalf without giving away the contact info.

You can even imply that cutting costs on the flowers will let you spend more on the catering menu!

Just to set your expectations after hearing about this idea I have not yet personally had any success with getting this type of thing set up. But, again, it never hurts to ask (just like the rest of your wedding vendor negotiations) and if it does happen, it's a pretty big payoff!

Donation Of Flowers

Look for a non-profit organization to donate your flowers to. If you find one you could potentially write off the cost of your flowers as a donation. I hope you read that right: you could possibly write off the cost of your flowers as a donation. I just heard about this tip and am anxious to try it myself! Consult your tax accountant first for more advice!

Good luck! More cheap wedding flowers ideas to come

Kennly is a lover of crafts, a OCD detailed planner, a diva of google docs, and a bargain hunter LOVER. I also love to write! Make sure to check out my dedicated squidoo lens: Cheap Wedding Flowers and my blog (there are free gifts for you there too): Best Wedding Planning Book





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