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The Extra Wedding Flowers To Remember

By Laura Firenze

When you are planning the floral designs for your wedding, the ones which spring to mind first are usually the bouquets, the centrepieces, and the altar arrangements. But there are many other parts of a wedding which can be enhanced by fresh blossoms, and these little special touches will really help to complete your wedding design. These are the extra wedding flowers which every bride needs to remember.

One of the focal points of any reception is the wedding cake. It is usually prominently displayed on a table before it is time for the cake cutting ceremony. Brides put a lot of thought into every detail from sugar flowers to a cake topper made to match their crystal bridal jewellery. Play up the importance of your cake with flowers for the table. Sometimes brides simply scatter flower petals on the tablecloth, but there are some other wonderful options. You can cover the table top in clear Lucite and stuff hydrangeas underneath for a very chic way to set off your wedding cake. Or create a large floral wreath to wrap around the base of the cake stand for added elegance. These creative touches will really help to turn your wedding cake display into something impressive.

Another place where you may wish to have extra flowers is on the reception table. Sure, everyone has centrepieces, but why stop there? It can look quite lovely to tuck a single fresh blossom into the napkin on the place setting. Flowers like orchids and roses tend to work particularly well for this. Another idea is to create a floral napkin ring from a lily and bear grass. It will add a very striking look to your reception tables. A third option is to use floral tape to secure a trip of small flowers together (much like a boutonniere) and slip it under a pretty napkin ring so that only the blossoms peek out. Very charming.

Brides often choose their wedding venues based on special features of the property. You can draw attention to your favourite details by highlighting them with flowers. Perhaps you chose to have your reception in a historic mansion, because the elaborate woodwork in the dining room was such a gorgeous complement to your beaded bridal gown and vintage inspired wedding jewellery. Your guests will surely notice the exquisitely carved mantel over the fireplace if you decorate it with a row of tiny vases filled with red flowers. Or maybe your venue has wonderful columns on the front entryway. Draw attention to them by wrapping them with lovely floral garlands in your wedding colours. The flowers will not only be beautiful in their own right, they will help to showcase the most beautiful things about your ceremony or reception site.

Flowers are also a good way to make less lovely areas more appealing. Pop a vase of pretty pink blossoms into the ladies' room for an instant dash of charm. Make a basic guest book table into something special by adding an urn filled with baby's breath to it. Pretty up the bar with a few peonies in silver mint julep cups. Sometimes all it takes is a few blossoms to make any area of your wedding look instantly more romantic.


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