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Planning Wedding Flowers

By D. Damore

In planning wedding flowers, one does not always have to follow the rules of tradition. Many flowers can be used when planning wedding bouquets, arrangements and table centerpieces. A wedding planner or florist will most likely be aiding you in your decision for what flowers to use during your special event. However, if you are going it alone, then choosing wedding flowers do not have to be difficult. This is after all, part of the wedding planning that has to be addressed and you may as well select a color scheme of flowers that will be used for your wedding. The flowers are a major part of your wedding color or may even be the main colors that all else will be designed around. Everyone does it different and in their own fashion.

Choosing to Use Real or Silk Flowers for Your Wedding

Many opt to use real flowers for most wedding, but so many more are choosing to use silk flowers for arrangements, centerpieces or even bouquets as well. This allows you to keep them as cherished memories for many years to come. Real flowers do not allow this. Silk flowers can run expensive, but so can real flowers and if you are on a budget, you can still find many flowers of each that are inexpensive, to complete the perfect wedding of your dreams. Choosing to use real or silk flowers for a wedding, it is clearly a preference and either selection can make a most memorable part of planning wedding flowers.

Flowers that are Commonly Used in Weddings

There are many different flowers that can be used for a wedding, but here again it does not call for all traditional wedding flowers to be used. Many are opting to go with more exotic or hybrid breeds of flowers as a memorable and colorful part of their special day. A white wedding party as backdrop for vivid, hot pink or purple bouquets, arrangements or centerpieces is to die for. Plus, your wedding pictures will stand out when they show gorgeous arrangements and gatherings of tropical orange, pink or purple hibiscus.

No longer are you stuck with traditional, boring flowers and colors. Planning wedding flowers do not have to be traditionally followed and fashioned in this way at all, unless you choose to do so. Your wedding flowers can be anything that you want and will only be limited by your imagination. If you find yourself still stumped as to what flower to use, then you may need to ask your wedding planner or florist to help you choose an appropriate flower or flowers. Also, they can help in aiding you with the correct fillers and flowers to be used along side of your main flower pick. This will be a welcome add of help in planning your perfect day.




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