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6 Good Reasons To Use Silk Flowers Instead Of Real Flowers At Your Wedding

By Peter Clark

Wedding flowers are one of the essential parts of a wedding, and silk wedding flowers are a great way to make sure you have great flowers at your wedding without breaking your budget. Why would you buy silk wedding flowers instead of real ones?

Of course the head always says real flowers. It's traditional, it's real, real flowers are the only wedding flowers that will do it. Silk wedding flowers are, well, artificial. However when the head stops ruling and reality starts to be heard, there are some very good reasons to use silk wedding flowers.

Why would you choose to buy silk wedding flowers rather than traditional real flowers? Here's 6 reasons why:

  1. Lets get one thing straight. Silk wedding flowers look just as good as real flowers. There is an impression that silk flowers look a little tacky, just a little bit cheap and poor quality, but this simply isn't true.
    Nothing could be further from the truth. Modern silk flowers look exactly like the real thing. A viewer cannot tell the difference between silk flowers and real ones when looking at them unless they either feel them or subject them to serious scrutiny.
  2. Unlike real flowers, silk wedding flowers don't wilt. They don't have petals falling off from time to time and they don't sag. Silk flowers look as good at the end of the wedding as they do at the start of the wedding. You can't say that for real flowers.
  3. Whilst real flowers are pretty much finished a few days after the wedding, a bride can keep her silk wedding flowers for years if she wishes to preserve the memory of her wedding day.
  4. Real wedding flowers are very expensive. If you haven't shopped for flowers yet just have a look at the price of real wedding flowers and you'll be surprised at how expensive they can be. Silk flowers, on the other hand, can be extremely cost competitive. Particularly if you buy them in the right place.
    Plus, unlike real wedding flowers you can buy silk wedding flowers online. Yes, you can ORDER real flowers online, but if they come from too far away they won't be looking so great after delivery. With silk flowers, on the other hand, you can order online and get your silk flowers extremely cheaply, and they won't come to you all damaged and wilting.
  5. It's possible to have the exact flowers you want, in the right colors, regardless of the season. With real flowers you're a little dictated to by the season. If the flower you want isn't in season, or the color isn't in season, you're stuck. But with silk flowers you've got a complete choice of flowers regardless of the season.
  6. Silk flowers retain value. Now of course you may want to keep them as I've suggested, however many don't. If you don't want to keep your flowers you throw them out, if they're real ones - they've usually had it. But silk flowers keep indefinitely, and can be resold.

Convinced? Silk wedding flowers are the way of the future.



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