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Wedding Flower Centrepieces Using Pink Wedding Flowers

By Andrea Wynn

Wedding flower arrangements vary in price and when you are on a budget, it is important to think about what types of flowers to use for your wedding as well as the quantity of flowers in each wedding flower arrangement.

When thinking about what type of wedding flower centrepieces you would like to have at your wedding, try and coordinate the colours of your wedding with your wedding flower arrangements. One simple inexpensive wedding flower arrangement using pink wedding flowers is using a pink cymbidium orchid and submerging it in water with votive candles and pink rose petals surrounding it.

It is an inexpensive way to create an elegant look on your tables and you can make these type of wedding flower centrepieces on your own. Plus you can reuse the vase, rocks and votive candle holders again for other events you may throw after your wedding.

Using all pink wedding flowers as your centrepieces gives you the options to use pink hydrangeas or pink roses. It is less expensive to use all pink hydrangeas for wedding flower arrangements because they are larger and use more room in the vase as oppose to pink roses. An added bonus using hydrangeas for your wedding flower arrangement is that the flower itself dries so beautifully and you can make pretty wreaths with the dried flowers as another reminder of your special day.

Add some colour to your pink wedding flowers by wrapping the inside of the glass container with a tea leaf or other such greenery. Another idea for your wedding flower centrepieces is to place some contrasting coloured rose petals around the vase. If you are considering an evening wedding, add votive candles to create a romantic soft look to your wedding flower arrangement.

Another idea for your wedding flower arrangements is to use succulent flowers and intersperse them with pink wedding flowers such as cymbidium orchids or roses. What is great about using succulents is that you can then keep the plant after the wedding and have a living reminder of your special day. Either replant the succulents in bigger pots or your garden if you have one and watch your wedding reminder continue to flourish and grow as your marriage does!

I hope you picked up some ideas for wedding flower centrepieces using pink wedding flowers. You can keep your costs down with your wedding flower arrangements by using simple floral decor such as all hydrangeas or submerge cymbidium orchids and surround the wedding flower arrangement with rose petals and votive candles.



Andrea Wynn, owner of A Wynning Event has been a special event planner for over 15 years, and she is the event planner for the Screen Actors Guild Awards(R). She has taken her knowledge and special event experience and written an easy-to-read book called Budget Bash. Budget Bash gives helpful tips, menus, recipes, design, theme, floral ideas and more for wedding and special event planning.





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