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Wedding Balloons Decorations & Displays

Wedding balloon decorations are now chosen by many couples as a part (or all) of the decoration for their wedding and reception venues. Your choice need not be 'either-or' when it comes to choosing between floral decorations and balloon decorations - a combination of both will satisfy most requirements and tastes. Balloon arrangements can be versatile and adaptable for almost any venue, from the church (or wedding room) to most reception venues. Balloon displays can be bolder and more adaptable than many floral arrangements, with an almost infinite range of colours, shapes and styles. They can be used to form a balloon entrance arch or tunnel, balloon sculptures, to compliment your table arrangements or as an impressive room décor. Some or all of the balloons can be printed with your wedding details or special message to personalise the event even further and to add to the special memories that you and your guests will cherish in the future.

Balloon displays enhance the decoration at your wedding

Balloons For Special Effects At Your Wedding

Wedding balloons are available to create special effects around your wedding reception. There are balloons that can explode a shower of confetti over the bride and groom, others that release a shower of smaller balloons over the happy couple (or at other chosen points). With a little imagination, the possibilities for this unique decoration are endless. Some of the specialist wedding balloon displays can even be fitted with lights - this is particularly effective for an outdoor venue (marquee, etc.) or to decorate pathways or entrance doors throughout the evening.

Balloon Display Suppliers

Having decided to have balloon decorations for your wedding day, you need to decide on the best suppliers to approach for quotes. Word of mouth recommendations and referrals are a good way to start, but unlike the florist business, balloon artists are not as easy to find via this route. For your important function, you should use a professional with a proven track record. The venue itself may have contacts in the balloon decoration trade and would be worth enquiring from. Some balloon suppliers will hold a personal CBA (Certified Balloon Artist) certificate in balloon artistry, which means they have passed a formal education course in balloon artistry. These days, more and more florists are adding this skill to their range, so a chat with your florist may give you the benefit of having the one supplier provide both your floral and balloon decorations on the day.

When you have located and chosen a balloon artist for your wedding, you should book their service as early as possible (use the same time scale for the balloon displays as you do for your florist). A good balloon artist will have bookings many months ahead, and some of them are booked up to twelve months ahead for weddings. A personal consultation, sometimes at the venue itself, is a good way to determine your requirements and discuss the options that are available to you. You should ensure that the balloon displays are inflated and installed on the day of your wedding - they have to last the entire day and you don't want to run the risk of any of them falling to the floor at some point in your service or reception.

Take great care in your discussions with the balloon supplier to ensure that they are going to create the theme and atmosphere that you require. If you wish to have the balloon décor coordinate with specific colours, make sure they have swatches to work with. If you have a particular request or area that requires specialist balloon products, then ensure that you make your feelings clear (eg. Confetti balloons or special lighting effects, etc.). Your wedding day is very personal to the couple who's wedding it is, and you want the balloon decorations to compliment and enhance the atmosphere that you choose to have for your wedding day. 

Suggested locations for wedding balloon displays:

Ceremony Reception
Driveway or Car Park
Guest-book Table
Pew Decor
Bride & Groom's Car
Photo Backdrop
Driveway or Car Park
Cocktail Area, Bars
Head Table
Guest Tables
Cake Table
Buffet Tables
Punch Table
Gift Table / Area
Dance Floor
Disk Jockey Deck
Photo Backdrop
Balloon or confetti Drop
Balloon Release




Information on wedding balloon decorations and displays, choosing a wedding balloon supplier, finding unique balloon displays for weddings. Details on all kinds of specialist wedding balloon suppliers and manufacturers.


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