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Silk Or Fresh Wedding Flowers
It Doesn't Have To Be A Choice!

Wedding flowers and your wedding floral requirements will be an important part of your planning from the start. Many brides will feel that they have to make a decision of fresh flowers or silk flowers for their wedding day, but why should this be such a harsh choice? There is no reason why you shouldn't use a combination of both fresh and silk flowers to achieve the floral displays and colours that you want throughout your wedding day. Silk flowers are so similar to the original freshly grown species that it is difficult to tell the difference, and you have the added advantage that silk blooms don't go 'out of season' so the date of your wedding won't affect availability.

Combine silk and real flowers to meet your requirements

Include Blooms That Are Out Of Season With Silk Wedding Flowers

An early spring wedding or a fall (autumn) or winter wedding can play havoc with the availability of some fresh flowers. Let your choices of flowers for your bouquet and wedding arrangements over-rule availability by adding silk options in to your fresh flower arrangements. If your choices are all a little questionable on availability, then consider arrangements or bouquet of all silk wedding flowers and avoid any signs of wilting or poor blooms with a perfectly acceptable alternative.

Supplement Or Create The Bride's Bouquet With Silk Flowers

If the bride has decided on a type of flower that is out of season or that simply won't stand the wedding day without showing signs of wilting, then silk is an excellent alternative. There are no cast-iron rules about what can, or cannot, be included in the bride's bouquet, it's a matter of very personal choice for the bride. Many beautiful wedding bouquets are created by using a combination of fresh and silk flowers to allow the bride to include her choices of flowers and to ensure that the more delicate specimens, when produced in silk, survive the whole wedding day without looking sad. The finished bouquet will look just as stunning when quality silk flowers are included in it and you will have a wonderful wedding bouquet that looks stunning in all of your wedding pictures.

Co-Ordinate The Wedding Flowers To The Wedding Colours

If you have carefully chosen a colour scheme for your wedding, then a part of your plans may be for the floral arrangements, possibly including the bride's bouquet, to match the colours of your choice. An advantage of using silk flowers (or including them with your fresh flowers) is that the blooms are available in a spectrum of colour choices, unrestricted by the plant's natural colours. So if you decide to have a particular lily in cream or an orchid in blue, then you are able to have the style of flower combined with your choice of colour.

Weatherproof The Wedding Flower Arrangements

A mid-summer wedding on a hot and sunny day is almost a guarantee of wilted flower arrangements, bouquets and buttonholes. By using silk flowers for the wedding flower arrangements, you can avoid the poor image of your well-planned and costly floral arrangements showing signs of wilting in the hot weather. 

The quality and range of colours of silk flowers has greatly improved over recent years, to a point that it is difficult to tell the difference visually between them and fresh flowers. The bride's bouquet and the corsages and buttonholes will be away from water for a considerable period of time throughout the wedding and so a fresh appearance over the whole day will be better achieved with silk than the fresh flowers which need moisture to maintain their shape and gleam.

The Colours and The Scent Of Your Silk Wedding Flowers

Not only do you have the option of a much wider range of colours with silk wedding flowers, but you also have the opportunity to choose your own scent for them! Silk flowers are supplied without any aroma (they are also supplied without pollens - so no allergy reactions either!). This gives you an ideal opportunity to 'scent' the flowers to suit your own taste. You have the opportunity of spraying them with a lightly scented floral spray, a fragrance of your choice, which will also freshen the immediate vicinity, or even customising their smell to the exact perfume that you want for your wedding day.




Silk and real flowers can be combined to give you great results for your wedding floral requirements. Silk flowers can be used in the bride's bouquet, buttonholes for the guests, sprays for the bridesmaids, sprays of flowers for the mother of the bride and mother of the groom, a corsage for the groom and the best man, church flower decorations and floral decorations for the wedding reception, etc. Silk flowers will resist the weather conditions on the day (hot, cold or wet weather) and will remain looking 'fresh' throughout the wedding and reception. 

Silk flowers are available in a wider range of colours than natural fresh flowers, and so can be use, either alone or in combination with fresh flowers, to closely match your chosen colours of the wedding theme. With silk wedding flower arrangements, you are not dependant on the season for the types of blooms that are included in the various displays for your wedding. Some people are concerned that they will achieve the look of real flowers with silk flowers, but loose the aroma. Silk flowers can be sprayed with perfumed scents to give them a pleasant aroma - and you can even choose what your wedding flowers will smell like!


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