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Dazzling Hen Night Themes

By Pawan Jadav

Music, party, cocktails, and a gang of girls - let the hen night begin. Yup hen weekends, hen parties and hen everything are some great ways for girls to cop-out and have some fun and laughter. But despite of all these party and fun what could really keep the entertainment rolling is some dazzling hen night themes. Hen night themes pack the whole party together: you can either indulge yourself into some cool beer challenge or could groove into classical beat of 80's.

Well... in case if you want to try something out of the blue and not "out of the box" then below are some brilliant dazzling night themes that will make you say WOW!

Zombie Theme - Like Resident Evil series (movie or game... doesn't matter its makeup/ visual which creates the effects), try out some scary yet cool zombie outfits and makeup. To pour in more fun at your party nights why not make it extra special by celebrating the one of MJ's glorious moments and groove on moves of the Thriller!

Sex and the City - Pull out your most fabulous frocks, drink-in some tempting Cosmopolitan cocktails, and have some sugary fluffy cupcakes with thick icing on top. To make the hen night more exciting you could go for a beautiful pair of shoes like Carrie or an amazing dress like Samantha.

Pole and burlesque dancing - Who says you need to be professional to be a pole or burlesque dancer? Try something unusual; try something wild, sexy and flirtatious with a pole or burlesque dancing at your hen nights.

Superhero Theme - We all love superheroes, don't we? Let all your hens to dress up as their favorite superheroes at the party night. A prize for the best costume, and superpower for all the superheroes. Superhens.

School Girl Theme - Let your hens to dig out their old school uniforms and to bring-in their pigtails, along with some suspenders, stockings and school shoes. Make your hen night a school disco club with school bags, and some sexy and naughty dancing.

To sum it up, hen night themes are exciting ways to keep the hens occupied with lots of fun and laughter, all together. Whether you want to re-live some of your old school days or want to have superhero experience, or want to try something more unique with some unique dance styles, these dazzling hen night themes will certainly work for you.


Grateful thanks to Pawan Jadav for this contribution on hen night themes.





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