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Choosing Hen Night Accessories on Your Hen Weekend

By Amy Elizabeth Harrison

If you're planning a night out for your hen party it probably involves a group of your best friends for an evening of fun and laughter as you celebrate your final moments as of freedom before the big day. There's more choice than ever about where to go and what to do on your hen party out, and you can't forget about what accessories to add to your evening of entertainment! Hen weekend accessories can range from games to play, costumes to wear or cheeky novelty items to take out with you to guarantee you are giggling throughout the night. Most hen night accessories are very affordable so even if you're on a budget you can enjoy some extra merriment to your hen party! We look at some of the different types of accessories that really add that extra special something to your hen night.

Costume Accessories

Whether you're in fancy dress or just getting your glad rags on, hen party costume accessories are a perfect addition to any outfit. They make you stand out in the crowd and easy to identify who is in the hen night party. It's usually customary to dress the bride up a little differently to the other hens and the classic accessories for the hen are a veil or L-plate for her to wear during the night. For the other girls you can decorate each other in sashes with the hen's name or nickname on, or you might have t-shirts printed with individual names on for the girls in the hen party. Name tags and badges with cheeky slogans on are also a popular and affordable way to dress up your outfit and make you stand out.

Games Accessories

Hen night games bring a whole range of hilarity to your hen weekend. They're perfect for breaking the ice if you have friends who haven't met before, and they're designed to guarantee lots of laughter. There are a whole range of different styles of games you could choose for your hen party so that no matter where you go and what you do, there will be something to suit all tastes and environments. From card games that ask you questions about the bride to the classic dare cards that can be played in a pub, these games are affordable and easy to take with you, a perfect addition to any hen party.

Cheeky Accessories

A hen night wouldn't be a hen night without some cheeky accessories and if you're planning an evening of fun and laughter chances are you'll be looking for those slightly saucy accessories bound to get a giggle from your friends. Everyone knows the hen party out in town from the giveaway signs of an inflatable naked man, or other rude but cute novelty items like funny shaped straws, earrings and necklaces. These are usually shaped in a way that would make your grandmother blush but have you and your friends howling with laughter as you hit the town.


For more information about other types of hen night accessories or games visit Hen Heaven. They have been sending girls on memorable hen parties since 2003 and their wealth of experience in organizing hen weekends keeps people coming back for more! With a passionate, friendly team, your hen weekend is in good hand from start to finish.





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