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Hen Night Vs Stag Night

By Kirstie Brookes

Hen night and stag night are as important as the wedding night. The bride and the groom are about to become serious people with great responsibilities and duties. It is understandable that they want a night or even a mini holiday in order to have their last moments of entertainment as uncommitted people. Everything that happens on such an occasion will probably remain in their hearts for the rest of their life.

Stag or bachelor night is seen as a farewell to liberty, as from now on the future husband has to justify his every move to his wife. In some countries, this event is considered to be a ritual in which the other men present assist a metaphorical burial of a boy or a renouncement of the boyhood and one's revival as a whole new man. Such parties might sound interesting from all points of view, however you should know that men who love their future wives will not do anything that they will regret later.

But don't you believe that with the hen night things are different. The two experiences, both that of men's and that of women's, follow the same pattern, the only variation coming probably from certain games or actions. For example, some women may choose to spend this precious time at a spa, a cooking or a dancing course, things forbidden for a man to do. But both parties may include karaoke, dancing or going to a club for a social entertainment.

Hen and stag parties are recommended to take place far away from home, in the coziness of a rented house, if possible, giving everyone the chance to enjoy themselves without worrying about disturbing someone else. This way, they are free to do whatever they want and could not do in a public place. If you have the opportunity of renting such a place, then you can involve all your friends in outdoor activities, including paintball, card championships and even carting.

The fun may last not only for one night, but also for an entire weekend or small vacation and in order for the amusement to be guaranteed, just good friends and close family members should take part. If the bride's and the groom's friends know each other, you may organize a mixed farewell party, this being an appropriate occasion to prove to your life partner that you can also have fun in his or her presence.


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