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How to Organise a Stag Night

By Mike R Applin

The Stag Night

One of the duties of the best man is to organise a 'stag do'. Your job is to make it the best stag night, day or trip to remember, but be aware that this is the groom's stag night and it is the best man's duty to plan an event suited to the groom's character and tastes, not yours.

What is the best way to organise a stag do? Well, a good place to start is by asking the groom what he would like to do and where he would like to go; then work out a schedule to make the event go off without a hitch. This should include getting the groom to and from the venue and making sure he enjoys himself with no mishaps. As best man you have become the groom's minder, in effect, for the duration of the stag night. Sorry, but on this occasion you have to be the responsible one.

The Venue

Once you have decided on the time and place, double check that your choice of venue accepts stag parties. Find out how many will be going on the stag night as you will need to know this to inform the venue. Many venues now refuse to host stag dos and hen dos, so don't leave it to chance. Find a venue that is not reluctant to host a night of possible rowdiness. Once booked let everyone know the time, place and date in advance.

Paying the Bill

When it comes to paying the bill here are a few ideas that might help you. The groom may decide to pay for the whole evening, but it is more usual for each individual to pay his own share and maybe even consider splitting the groom's contribution between you all.

As an option, you could pay the final bill when it is presented and then let everyone know the next day how much they each need to pay you. Or, you could sort out the cost of the stag night in advance, per head and have a running kitty for drinks. This way you are not out of pocket if some people drop out. Remember, it would be wise to avoid mentioning anything that goes on during the stag night in the best mans speech!

Embarrassing the Groom

This should be a fun night for the groom and his friends, a night of fun. It is almost traditional to embarrass him but keep everything in check, don't over step the line with stag night pranks. The groom may be up for anything with a vat full of booze inside him, but it's your job to make sure he remembers what happened with fondness not regret.

The Traditional Stag Night left behind

The traditional stag night was held the night before the wedding. This rarely occurs nowadays, common sense has prevailed. Long gone are the wedding days full of men (including the groom) displaying a fine tinge of green and an aversion to any noise after an extremely long, booze filled night on the eve of the wedding. Remember having to frantically search for the missing groom, who has been scuttled away somewhere, on one of the many stag night pranks of old?

In its place is a stag night, held a week or more prior to the wedding day and stag weekends abroad or stag weekends in the UK. There are many types of stag packages available which can easily be researched on the internet.

You may well ask how to organise a stag do? Whatever you choose to arrange, make sure it is organised with the groom in mind, make him your priority and take care of him, after all you are his 'best' man.


Mike Applin has been a best man 4 times in his life. On the first two occasions he did not feel prepared or comfortable with the role because of the lack of available information out there. Mike has therefore started his own best man blog to share his experiences with would-be best men. Click here to get ideas for best man speeches and general guidance on best man etiquette Best Man Speeches .





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