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5 Top Hen Night Venues In Europe

By Clare Dawes

A Hen Night can be determined as an informal party of women only, planned for the woman or girl who is going to be married soon. This party is held shortly before the marriage of a girl. It can be considered as the last night of liberty and freedom for the bride. Afterwards, a life full of responsibilities begins for her. Therefore, a Hen Night is the last celebration of the bride with her friends before marriage.

As the last occasion before marriage, the Hen Night is a very special and precious night for the bride. Hence, it should be planned as best as possible. This night should be so fun giving and amusing that it leaves the long-lasting imprints, not only on the mind of the bride, but also on the brains of all the hens attending this party.

In the Hen Night, the expectations of all, specifically the bride's are very high. She wants to make this night one of the fantastic nights of her life. It is a night that can, in a way review all the pleasing experiences, and renew all the pleasure-giving memories of her bachelor life.

The Hen Night presents the bride an opportunity for doing whatever she wants; anything that can make her laugh, and let her feel good. Surrounded with friends, she has the prospect of enjoying anything. The one who arrange for the Hen Night should ensure that this night would be rich with wonderful activities and fun. There should be music, dances, beer, good food variety, games, etc; anything that can become the cause of glee and happiness for the bride.

The most essential of all is to choose a venue for the Hen Night. Now, numerous wonderful places present the best possibilities for a Hen Night. In Europe, there is an affluence of Hen Night spots. It is often difficult to say which is better than the other is; but five venues constitute top positions in the competition for the best Hen Night spots.


One of the top venues for the Hen Night celebration is Amsterdam. It is a remarkable place that can please you with its night out parties, cafes, canals, and countless other attractive spots, to be visited at night. It is a traditional choice for a wonderful Hen Night.


The hens also adore Dublin, the capital of Ireland, as their last nightspot before their wedding. Dublin has a great variety of late night bars to please you.


Prague is a perfect source of attraction for the hens due to its enormous architecture, splendid surroundings, and most of all, its affordable beer.


Tallinn, the Estonian capital also offers the low rates mainly of beer, and a huge variety of breathtaking places to be visited at night. Roaming out at night here is a great source of enjoyment.


Malaga also has a great deal to give for a Hen Night like night bars, restaurants, and stunning beaches.

Thus, with countless varieties offered in Europe, you have the best opportunity to celebrate your Hen Night at any one of these beautiful venues.



Clare Dawes is a designer. You can learn how to make hen party invitations for inviting your friend and families.





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