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Stag Night (Bachelor Night) Ideas

Stag Nights and Stag Parties were invented by the ancient Greeks. As one of the Spartans planned to enter into marriage, his friends would arrange to celebrate the beginning of his married life. His friends arranged huge feasts, with lots of dancing and singing, which lasted throughout the whole night.

The tradition of celebrating the Groom's change of status from single to married man continues throughout the world, in most societies, today. Most intended grooms enjoy the ritual of celebrating their forthcoming wedding a few days before the big day. These celebrations go under a number of different names; stag night, bachelor night, stag party, footings, etc. We have collected together a few ideas for those arranging a Stag Night celebration for the groom and his close friends and family.

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An Exotic Destination For The Stag Night

As budget airlines continue to evolve, the concept of moving a group of people overseas to an exotic location for the stag celebrations has become more attractive. A man's stag night is considered a once-in-a-lifetime celebration and so it has become something that many like to celebrate in style away from their home town.

Places like Prague, Amsterdam, Berlin, Barcelona, Madrid and many other European destinations are the ever-popular choices for the stag group to go and celebrate the forthcoming nuptials. Those with even more exotic tastes consider the long-haul destinations attractive for their stag celebration, such as New York, Las Vegas, Singapore, Thailand, etc.

However, not all good stag night destinations require a passport and air travel to be sufficiently different from a night out in the hometown. Many of the UK destinations are becoming attractive as stag night locations and have ideal venues to cater for the stag parties. Blackpool, Birmingham, Bournemouth, Bristol, Edinburgh, Manchester, London, Southampton are some of the more popular stag party destination weekends in the UK.

A Theme-Based Stag Party

When you have agreed and arranged the destination for your stag party, it's time to consider a theme. Most stag nights have a theme and a dress code which adds to the fun and the celebration - as well as identifying the members of your group when you're out-and-about. There is an endless list of subjects to choose from, including cartoon characters, superheroes, celebrity chefs (all the same or each different!), James Bond 007, Pirates, etc. etc., the list is only restricted by your imagination. Often, the theme adopted will be based on the groom's favourite interest from movies, sport, fascinations, obsessions, employment, etc. For fun (if you're not going to supply each guest with their outfit), you can even arrange a prize for the best fancy-dressed man in your party.

Organise Stag Night Games

There are lots of games that you can include in your stag night, from tame to extreme - it's up to you to judge the mood and the limits! There are numerous books and web pages covering just the games and competitions suggestions to make your stag night out unique and unforgettable. These are great ice-breakers if the stag party don't all know each other very well. A combination of some old favourites and some newly devised (or amended) stag games will keep the fun flowing throughout the night. A karaoke mike can have some hilarious results when a group of stag guys get together to use it.

Arrange To See The Stag's Favourite Group

Does the groom have a favourite group or artist? Are they available by invitation to his stag party, for one or all members of the group? If not, do they have any live gigs planned for around the date that you are planning the stag night? If you were able to arrange tickets for all of the party to attend a concert, followed by the celebrations continuing local to the venue, this would give the groom a fantastic night, and decide your stag night location for you!

Get The Stag's Closest Friends To Perform For Him

A specially choreographed performance by some of the groom's closest friends can make the occasion hilarious, and give a great tribute to one of their closest friends as he embarks on married life. If one of the party has some creative abilities, a favourite song with amended words, or the adaptation of a popular sketch, or even a collection of short stories and anecdotes can be a fitting tribute to the groom. 



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