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Ten Warning Signs Of A Poor Wedding Supplier

You're about to embark on planning and organising your wedding. The first thing to do is set the date and arrange for the officiant for your marriage ceremony. Having set your wedding date, the hard work of arranging and coordinating a multitude of wedding suppliers begins! A wedding is a major production, lasting throughout the whole day and involves a large number of suppliers to come together and each perform their own specialist task - correctly - on time!

For those who don't have the luxury of a Wedding Organiser, this means selecting, booking and confirming everything that you will need for your wedding day. It takes an organised mind and consistent planning, as well as an eye on the budget! (On average, it will take 250 hours to organise a wedding from start to finish.) It can be done. It is done by thousands of couples who marry every year …but you need to choose suppliers who you can have faith in for one of the most important events of your life. Unfortunately, not everyone is as reliable or honest as we would wish, so listed below are some warning signs to be aware of when arranging the suppliers for your wedding.

1. Poor Communication

How did the supplier answer your telephone call or email request? Did they sound efficient and interested in your enquiry? Did you get a return call when one was promised or expected? If the supplier has premises, were you greeted courteously when you visited them? The initial reaction to your enquiry is a good indicator of the importance they put on you as a customer. If they don't want to take the trouble to establish your requirements, then find someone who does.

2. They Have No Clear Business Address

You can expect that a potential supplier is able to provide you with address details and a landline telephone number for the place where they operate their business. A number of wedding suppliers work from home, and that isn't necessarily of any detriment. However, anyone who runs their business 'on the move' and from a mobile phone looks dodgy - and probably is.

3. Avoids Answering Your Questions

If your wedding plans are less important than their own business requirements, then you can expect that to be reflected on your wedding day. If your questions are avoided, ignored or even belittled, they just aren't a suitable supplier for your wedding. You can reasonably expect any of your wedding suppliers to care about the level of service and satisfaction that they give to you on your very special day and if they don't, then don't allow them to be a part of it.

4. Isn't Willing To Meet You Face To Face

If a wedding supplier isn't prepared to make the time to meet with you to discuss your plans or demonstrate their service, it should ring the alarm bells. It can mean that they are running the business on a 'moonlighting' basis, or that they are so busy that you simply can't have their time and attention to detail, or that they want to take your money in exchange for giving you as little as possible. Find someone who wants to understand your requirements and will take the trouble to meet with you and talk through each of them with you.

5. Can't Supply References Or Referrals

One of the strongest recommendations for any wedding supplier is word of mouth. If other couples have used their services and been pleased with the results, then it is a strong reassurance that you have chosen a good supplier. Always ask for referrals from potential suppliers (whether you follow them up or not!), and avoid those that can't or won't give them, as they probably have something to hide.

6. Doesn't Supply A Written Contract

If a wedding supplier doesn't give you a written contract confirming the arrangements that you have booked, the date/time and the quoted price, then ask yourself why not. If their wedding bookings are handled in such a whimsical manner then you can expect that your wedding day will be too - if they remember to turn up. Any legitimate wedding supplier should confirm the arrangements that you have booked by means of a legible contract or detailed written confirmation soon after your have placed your firm booking with them.

7. Extra Fees Start To Appear

Wedding suppliers should be experienced business suppliers who are experts in their own field. If you have explained your requirements clearly and they have given you a quote based on that information (having asked you any questions that could affect the price at the time), then it should be a total price for their service at your wedding. If you start to see additional charges accumulating above their quoted price then, unless you have changed the specification for their service, you may be being cheated.

8. No Receipts Given For Money Paid

If your wedding supplier doesn't issue a receipt for any money that you pass over to them stop wasting your efforts and find a supplier who will. You should always hire experienced professionals for your wedding, who will be up to the task that you have booked with them. A professional supplier will be pleased to issue a receipt and account their business properly. The only exception to this rule are friends and family who are able to offer you a special skill - but even then be careful that you can trust them totally to provide what you expect of them on your wedding day.

9. The Quote Is Too Cheap

If something sounds too good to be true, then it probably isn't true! Most couples get a number of quotes for the supply of items for their wedding day (normally at least three). A supplier that is considerably cheaper than the rest can be a risk, because they are probably cutting corners somewhere. If they bother to arrive at all on your wedding day you can expect poor service or your instructions to be disregarded. Of course you want a good deal, but don't sacrifice quality in order to get it.

10. The Supplier Treats You Badly

Your wedding is a very special day for you, your families and your guests. Wedding suppliers who have experience of dealing with brides, grooms and their guests will have impeccable manners and behave in a manner reflective of the occasion. If your potential supplier is ill-mannered or ignorant when you are arranging your wedding, you can't be surprised when your guests and yourself receive similar treatment on the wedding day. If they don't fit the occasion, drop them and walk away, there are always alternative suppliers who understand that wedding etiquette and decorum are essential at your wedding.



With a well-organised team of professionals working on your wedding day, you can relax and be a guest at your own wedding. The vast majority of wedding specialists are professional, experienced and trusted people. They understand how important each individual wedding is and give impeccable service on every occasion. An experienced wedding supplier will be pleased to take the time to give you advice in their specialist field and to warn you of any potential pit-falls that you may not be aware of.





Good planning before the wedding and careful choice of suppliers is essential to achieve the best results on your wedding day. A good and professional supplier for each part of your wedding will ensure that things run smoothly. Take the time and the trouble to evaluate your wedding suppliers carefully, you only get one chance to get this right! If a you're uncomfortable with a potential supplier for any reason, then move on - there's lots more of good, professional and trustworthy people out there to choose from. Good planning will produce the best results for your wedding day, with a specialist suppliers for your wedding ceremony, the reception meal, and on into the evening when dancing the night away with the bride and groom.

You will want your own choice of hand picked suppliers, to ensure that you have confidence in what they produce for your wedding day. We have listed ten different situations that couples could face when they choose their wedding suppliers, and helpful advice for dealing with those less pleasant experiences whilst arranging your wedding.


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