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Homemade Wedding Favour Ideas

by Nabeela G

A wedding favour is indeed defined as a small souvenir, consisting of a small gift given to a guest at wedding parties. The wedding favour does not have to be a very big and expensive gift, and can easily be a small and low-budget gift, that people can just carry off with themselves, as very fond and happy memories of the wedding. Homemade wedding favours often make a very good keepsake. Homemade wedding favour ideas can be creative yet penny saving. Unique and personalized wedding favour ideas, homemade, are also excellent tokens, that can be made by you in a simple yet unique manner.

Advantages of Homemade Wedding Favour Ideas

There are some genuine advantages of homemade wedding favour ideas. Some of the prominent advantages of homemade wedding party favours ideas are listed below.

  • Creative Activity: One of the biggest advantage of homemade wedding party favours that often goes unnoticed, is that the process of preparation of the favours is a very creative activity, that you can do with your fianc√©.

  • Personalised Gift: The best thing about homemade wedding favours, is that it is a personalized gift, that is always valued by all your guests.

  • Low Budget: Homemade wedding favour ideas are very useful if you are running low on your wedding budget. In fact, some of the homemade wedding favour ideas are so simple, that you can use the stationery and material is found in the house itself.

Unique Homemade Wedding Favours

One great idea for wedding favours, that we tried out for my elder sister's wedding, was of personalized sweets and treats. All the grown up men at the party were served with excellent cigars, the women were presented with rose flavoured chocolates and the kids were given an entire table of sweets, cookies and chocolates. Except for the cigars, all the chocolates and cookies were homemade. Homemade soap goes down well as a homemade wedding favour idea, if you have any prior knowledge about homemade soap making. Making soaps is not very difficult, as you can use the melt and pour method to make the soap. Different scents and colours can also be used to personalize the wedding soaps.

Below is a list of some of the other, popular homemade wedding favour ideas:

  • Decorative and Sweet Smelling Candles: This can be a great option. The guests can even light their candles, as the darkness begins to set in. It is also very convenient as candle making is easy.

  • Coasters: Coasters can be easily made and decorated at home. They make long lasting and keepsake kind of favours.

  • A Simple Bunch of Flowers: One of the easiest homemade wedding favour idea, is making a small bunch of flowers. It is very economical and also very easy to prepare. To add a personalised effect, one can have different colour roses, like light pink for all the pretty, young ladies, white for the gents and red for the people in love (just married or have started serious courting). One can also offer yellow one for all the senior citizens and a deep pink to the couples who are engaged.

  • Personalized Compact Disc: One of the favours that has come in vogue, is making a CD of both, the groom and bride photographs, and small video clips. This can serve as a long lasting piece of memorabilia. Another trait that is becoming very common, is adding small tags, sometimes personalized to the gift. Adding the tag is also a very nice way of saying thank you to all the guests.

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