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White Wedding Doves

A white dove release represents a symbol of peace and love. An increasing number of newly married couples are now including a magical and romantic dove release in their wedding day plans. The doves symbolise the start of your new life together and will thrill your guests with their beauty and fascination.

Wedding doves, a symbol of love and unity

According to tradition (dating back to the Greeks in pre-biblical times), two doves released by the bride and groom on their wedding day represent their future life together as they fly up into the air. It is said that if you see doves on your wedding day, a happy home is assured and symbolises love, peace, prosperity, faith and Good Luck. A specially arranged release of white doves on your wedding day will create a staggering effect and photograph opportunity that will please and excite all of your guests. It is an experience that will leave memories in everyone's mind that will last a lifetime.

Two White Doves For The Married Couple

When two white doves are released this symbolises a romantic and everlasting new beginning on your wedding day. Your family, friends and guests will be amazed by the beauty and overwhelmed at the unique way you have chosen to create the memory of a lifetime.

You can opt for an appropriate poem or words of commitment to be spoken to enhance the release of the doves. This can be spoken by both the bride and groom, or read on their behalf by the Chief Bridesmaid, Best man or a close friend. As these words are spoken, the newlyweds open the basket together to release the two snow-white doves, displaying their true love and signifying the beginning of their new life together. 

These beautiful doves will soar high into the sky, circle for a while and then head for home. The display is a moment you will never forget and a memory you will treasure in your heart forever. This will create some of the most romantic wedding photographs in your album as the wedding photographer captures this unique moment in your wedding day.

Three White Doves For A Blessing

A little less common, but very much in keeping with the love and blessings of the marriage, is the release of three white doves following the wedding service. The three doves represent the blessing of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit - a blessing given in Christian wedding ceremonies.

The three white doves are normally released following the two white doves released by, and representing, the newly married couple. Generally, these are released on behalf of the couple by one or more members of the bridal party, but they are always released simultaneously, as they represent the blessing of the Deity of God. A short verse or 'introduction' can be spoken prior to release, to explain the significance to the wedding guests.

A Shimmering Display Of White Doves

What could be more memorable on your wedding day than the breathtaking release of a flurry of snow white doves circling the horizon and flying off into the heavens in celebration of your new beginning? Experience the sparkling white doves as they spread their wings and fly upward, their shimmering white feathers glistening in the sky!

The release of a small flock of white doves represents the prayers, blessings and best wishes bestowed upon the newly married couple by their families, friends and guests at their wedding. Additional to the significance of the release, the spectacular scene presented as the doves are released and circle overhead will please and impress everyone. The timing of this release provides you with a wonderful photographic opportunity as the birds soar up into the sky.

Making Your Choice Of Wedding White Dove Releases

We have outlined the significance of the three different types of dove releases for a wedding. Each has it's own significance and is as moving as the other. However, you should choose the sorts of release that best reflects your own wishes. Each of the three releases outlined here can be made, one following the other. But if you don't have a religious belief, then you may choose to omit the three doves release. If you prefer to have the shimmering display of a flock of doves being released on your wedding day, without the other releases, then this is what you should arrange. Should you choose only to have the two doves released by the bride and groom to signify their love and new life together, then that is a perfectly acceptable choice. In summary, there is no distinct protocol for white dove releases at the wedding, so your choice is a matter of personal preference.




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