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Beauty Tips - Pre Wedding Spa Treatments
Make Your Wedding Day Memorable

by Bobbi Jo

A person's wedding day should be the most important day in their life - a day they will remember for the rest of their life. Some people's memory might become hazy following the reception, but your wedding photographs do not drink and will last forever. So it is important to focus in on the finer details of your beauty regime prior to the wedding date. To do this, you should carefully plan each day of the week prior to the wedding day. This article will help in showing what, when, and how to make the week before your wedding a beautifying and self indulging experience.

Planning your spa beauty treatments

Prioritise in your own mind those details which you consider most need to be covered. Some of the spa skin treatments can take a week or longer to complete, whilst body wraps will take a full day at the spa - so it's important to plan out your course of treatments beforehand, concluding in time for the wedding day. To help yourself, consider "which areas of my body will benefit most from spa treatment?", make a list and use it to plan out your spa time. Remember that most spas will be pleased to give a free consultation to advise and plan out your treatments.

Skin treatments and body wraps

Our own spa team have found that most women express concern about their skin. Any skin blemishes are of particular concern and can take some time to eliminate. If your own concerns include skin blemishes, consult early and get treatments started as soon before the wedding as possible, as treatment may sometimes take longer than a week. However, blemishes are not the only concerns women express about their skin conditions, many want to ensure that they have soft supple skin for their wedding. Some of the skin lotions on the market don't always work, whist many only offer short term results. A spa body wrap of shea butter plus other thick lotions is a better option. A body wrap will infuse the lotions into your skin, unlike smothering the surface of the skin with proprietary lotion skin products. This should produce the desired results, with your skin staying soft and silky smooth to the end of your honeymoon.

Skin toxins and blocked pores can be eliminated by body wraps. Once your skin is rid of body toxins you'll feel refreshed and healthier. A seaweed, algae or mud and clay body wrap will address these issues for you. If you have these body wrap treatments following skin exfoliation by dry brush or salt scrub you will experience even more benefits, as this will open up your skin's pores, stimulate the metabolism, release the toxins and retain the natural elements of your body wrap. This will give you a soft healthy looking skin on your very special day, and afterwards.

A full spa day before your wedding

A full spa day planned for the day before your wedding will conclude these revitalising skin and body treatments. Choose a spa which has a massage therapist for your course of treatments, as a knowledgeable and trained massage therapist will give a soothing, relaxing massage whilst applying your body wrap. This is also the golden opportunity for the bride to relax after all the stresses of planning and arranging the wedding, in readiness for the ceremony and meeting the families and friends.

Tanning for the wedding day

Due to the well known side effects and publicised risks tanning beds have become less desirable to today's woman. Plus, you really can't afford to take the risk of appearing lobster red on your wedding day! A simple solution to meet a desired for a bride to have a tan at her wedding is to have a safe spray tan the day before the wedding. These are no longer the orange colourings that women experienced in the 90s, they have evolved to a much safer and colour controlled product. Select a product that doesn't streak and leaves a natural looking tan colouring. Many spas have specialist trained staff who can apply spray tan by airbrushing. Planned properly, you can arrange for this following a relaxing massage on the day before your wedding.

If your wedding budget just won't stretch far enough to include spa treatments before the wedding day there are some specialists who offer these services in your home. Their treatments range from acne medications to body wraps, so you can get some of the spa treatment experience in the comfort of your home.


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