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Planning Your Wedding Beauty Regime

The bride's beauty regime should start long before your wedding day, preparing yourself for the final touches on the day itself. You have worked hard preparing for your wedding, organising everything, arranging the guest lists, making sure everything that you want is in place for your wedding day - and then checking and confirming all the arrangements with the wedding suppliers as the day approaches - you must be exhausted! It's time for some personal T.L.C. for the bride, groom and bridal party! Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, when the bride and groom will want to look their very best.

Every bride wants to look perfect and to radiate natural beauty on her wedding day. She should be confident with her looks and able to be relaxed and happy as she goes through her day. Your preparation for your wedding beauty regime will start weeks before your wedding date. 

Planning the wedding beauty regime

Body Toning

You should start to consider your body toning many months ahead of your planned wedding day. Plan for a regular exercise routine, this will help you lose those few extra pounds and to tighten and tone the muscles around your body. Not only will this help you look and feel good on the day, but will also give you more stamina to get through the long day and reception itself - which can be quite tiring!

Plan for a regular exercise routine as early as you can (this could be good to adopt for a longer term lifestyle approach for regular exercise). Don't overdo it, but don't become lax about it either. If you plan a routine that takes in exercises two or three time a week, scheduled to fit your life style and free time, then you should be on the right track. For example, Monday evening squash or tennis, Wednesdays swimming and Saturdays cycling, interspersed with visits to the gym as your time permits. You can even consider some of the less popular chores for adapting to your exercise regime: walking to the local shops, walking the dog, use stairs instead of lifts, hoovering, mopping the floors and dusting to your favourite music, gardening, cleaning your car yourself, outdoor games with friends, etc. Not only will you feel better in yourself, you'll be in fine shape for your wedding day and ready to face the guests and reception with vigour.


You should adopt a skincare regime well ahead of your wedding day. Good skincare evolves over a period of time and to leave this until just a few days before your wedding day could prove to be traumatic. Establish your skin type and adopt a skin-care plan for the period up to your wedding day - the beauty advisors at many of the larger department stores will do this with you free of charge.

Your skin care regime will be greatly assisted by adopting healthy eating habits and by your body toning (exercise) routine. If you adopt this sort of routine before the wedding date, your healthier lifestyle will radiate in your appearance on your wedding day.

A day or so before your wedding (which should be a relaxing day for both the bride and the groom) why not make arrangements for the bride and bridesmaids (maybe even the mothers too!) to attend a Spa day? Include a full body massage, facial, manicure and pedicure and you will shine with health and beauty at your wedding. If you are arranging a 'Hen Party' you may want to consider a day at a Health Spa for everyone as an alternative to an alcohol-laden night on the town? 

Wedding Day Make-Up

Plan your wedding day make-up in advance of your wedding day. There are many beauty and make-up consultants who will be happy to sit and discuss your requirements with you in a free personal consultation. Take professional advice as well having a pre-wedding makeover before the day itself. Your preparation for the wedding day make-up will prevent any last minute surprises and give you the opportunity to decide what is the best 'look' for you on the day. Bear in mind that your choice of colours for your wedding dress (and the bridesmaids dresses) will have a bearing on the final make up choices that need to be made.

Don't forget that the bridesmaids and the mothers may also need the services of the beautician on the wedding day. Everyone in your bridal party will want to look fabulous and to feel very special on this unique occasion.

Wedding Day Manicure

Don't underestimate the importance of having your nails manicured on your wedding day. The main event at any wedding (after the vows) is the exchanging of rings. All of your guests will want to see your wedding ring, which means they will be looking at your hands constantly over the day. Your wedding photographer will take pictures of the wedding ring on your hand to record the occasion for your wedding album. So it is very important that your have your nails manicured within a couple of days of your wedding day, and then have them dressed / polished as a part of your make-up routine on the day itself.

A French manicure will create a natural look and if you're not intending to use nail polish on your wedding day, you can have your nails buffed by the manicurist to give a healthy and shiny look. A manicure will tidy the nail cuticles to give them a nice neat appearance for you.

If you're having your nails painted for the wedding, then use some caution in your choice of colour! You will want a colour that compliments your dress, but not too bold to overshadow your ring when the photographs are taken or your guests wish to see your wedding ring hand. If you're not having a natural look, or clear varnish finish on your nails, then paler shades of pink often work best.

....and don't forget that the groom's hands will be seen too - so a quick manicure for him may be useful.






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