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Beauty Tips for Brides, Bridesmaids and Grooms

Plan your wedding beauty regime alongside the rest of your wedding plans. You can improve your radiance for the wedding day by good long-term preparation, including a good skin cleansing routine, exercise and a generally healthy lifestyle. With good planning you will only need the finishing touches to present yourself as the centre of attention, looking and feeling good.

If you can organise a six month beauty countdown for your wedding day, you'll ensure that you look healthy and blushing on the wedding day. If you don't have the luxury of time, then there is still much you can do to create stunning beauty results for your wedding.

Wedding beauty tips for the wedding party


Diet is very important, both for your shape and as an essential part of your preparations. Regular exercise also plays an important part of your wedding preparation. Exercise will boost your heart rate and circulation, burning calories and helping to flush away those toxins that can cause blemishes on your skin. If you aim to do a minimum of thirty minutes of moderate exercise each day, you'll be on your way to having a healthy look for your wedding.

Eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables as a part of your regular diet. Drink lots of water (recommended as at least eight glasses per day), reduce your alcohol intake to as little as possible and, if you're a smoker, cut out the cigarettes. These adjustments to your lifestyle will help your skin look healthy and clear. A regular sleep pattern is beneficial to your body's good health, aim for about eight hours every night, especially in the weeks immediately before your wedding day.

Helping Your Natural Beauty

When you have re-assessed your day-to-day activities prior to your wedding, it's time to concentrate on assisting your skin toning and general health. Cleanse your skin on a daily basis to help get rid of any impurities, tone and moisturise your skin after cleansing. If you have the time, arrange to have a few facials before your wedding day - but don't start to do this too close to the wedding date, as the fist ones may create blotches on the skin as they draw out the impurities.

Wedding Day Hair Style

Prepare your hair ready for the styling that you will want on your wedding day. Most hairdressers recommend that your hair should be washed with a conditioning shampoo every few days, with a deep conditioning once a month. Massaging your scalp whilst shampooing your hair will help to improve the blood flow in the skin and should encourage the growth of healthy hair. Brushing during and after drying your hair will give additional scalp circulation and help remove any dead hair from your head. (See additional information, hints and tips on our wedding hairstyles page.)

Feet and Hands

Don't forget to prepare your feet and hands for your wedding day. Your hands will be the centre of attention for guests and the photographer viewing your wedding ring. You feet will have to survive a long and busy day! Try to include a manicure and pedicure (maybe at the same appointment as your facial) in your weekly beauty regime before your wedding. On a daily basis, moisturise your hands and give your feet a relaxing soak for ten minutes followed by rubbing in some essential oils (peppermint is very refreshing). Remove and refresh any areas of dry skin from your feet. The groom should also bear in mind that his hands are probably going to be photographed showing the wedding rings, so a manicure is a consideration for him as well.

Wedding Day Make Up

Choose your wedding day make up carefully, ideally with advice from a beauty consultant (can be found in most department stores free of charge). Don't have a beautician paste on lots of make-up which could detract from your naturally fresh and beautiful natural look, this could be inappropriate for your own image and require maintenance throughout the day. Know your natural skin colour, if you don't know it already, go and have it assessed at one of the better quality beauty counters. If you're wearing foundation, ensure that it is the correct tone to match your natural colour. It is advisable to have a dummy-run with your make up, including an opportunity to check it out in daylight. Maybe take some photographs and see how you feel about the results, adjusting it according to your taste.

Pay lots of attention to your lips for your wedding day. You'll be smiling throughout the day for your guests and for the hundreds of photographs that will be taken at the ceremony and throughout the reception. When choosing your lipstick bear in mind that you'll be eating and drinking as well as the amount of kissing you're likely to be doing. Bear in mind that you will want an easy maintenance lips preparation, so that you can retouch as necessary throughout your wedding day.


At The End Of Your Wedding Day....

Finally, at the end of the wedding day, take a few minutes to remove all of your make-up. Leaving your make up on can cause spots and blemishes that will be there on your honeymoon as well as staining pillow cases, etc on your wedding night. 



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