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Your present hairstyle doesn't have to be your choice for your wedding day (unless it's what you particularly want, and it works ok with your wedding veil). You may wish to consider using a hairpiece or hair extensions as a part of your wedding hairstyle. For your wedding day, you can have a much more involved hairstyle than you would normally consider for day-to-day dress. To some degree, your hairstyle should reflect your wedding dress and accompaniments, if you've chosen a formal style dress a formal hair style may be better, whereas a less formal or modern (designer) style of wedding dress may be reflected in your choice of hair style. A contemporary hairstyle is more traditional, but if you've decided on a bold or designer wedding dress, then a designer hairstyle may be more fitting.

Plan your wedding hairstyle to suit the tiara and veil

Plan your wedding hairstyle early

An early visit to your hairstylist is a good time to begin discussing your hairstyle for the wedding day. You should also take the opportunity to discuss the veil / head dress that you are planning to wear with your wedding dress. Your hairstyle and headwear must compliment each other and you wouldn't want to discover that the styles conflict a matter of days - even hours - before your wedding. This may also be a good time to consider make-up colours and shades, so that you co-ordinate everything together.

Most people take care of their hair, so you shouldn't need an intensive course of hair treatment for your wedding day. But if your hair isn't in the best of condition you should start to give it some attention ahead of the wedding date - it can take up to six months to restore hair back to good condition.  Visit your hairdresser and get advice about conditioning and commence using the right products to restore your hair's health and natural beauty. If you colour your hair (or if you're thinking of doing so for your wedding) then you'll need to ensure that it has sufficient conditioning to counteract the colouring agents - even more important if you are intending to bleach your hair. If you do use a hair colour, then you should arrange to have this re-done a couple of weeks before your wedding day to ensure the roots are covered - this is also a good time to have that last trim for the hair style you have chosen.

What to choose first - Veil / Head-dress or Hairstyle?

It can be something of a dilemma deciding which to chose first, between your head dress and your hairstyle. If you already have strong desires or ideas about one or the other, make that the priority and then find a suitable style to match it. So if you have set your mind on a particular hairstyle for your wedding, then choose a head dress that will compliment it - however if you have a particular head dress that you are going to wear, then be prepared to have a hairstyle that will comfortably accommodate it. Some brides are choosing to adopt a non-traditional veil from a hair fascinator.

Whichever way you choose to prioritise your choices of head wear, you should take your head dress / tiara / veil along to your hairstylist and ensure that the hairstyle that you are intending to have works well when your head dress is fitted. A practice styling and fitting ahead of your wedding day itself will iron out any potential problems so you won't face any last-minute hitches on the day itself.

Your Wedding Reception and Evening Hairstyle

When you make your final choices about your wedding hair style, bear in mind that it will need to work for the whole wedding day. So when you have chosen your hair style, and it works well with your wedding head dress, spend a little while considering how it will work for your reception and throughout the entire evening (when you probably will have removed your head dress). If you have known your hair stylist for a while, you may wish to include them in your wedding guest list (or if time is a consideration for them, include them in the invitations for your evening reception). If your hair stylist is present at your wedding and reception, you will have an advantage of being able to make any necessary adjustments throughout the whole wedding day - but you may not want to mention this as your reason for inviting them along!

Your Hairstyle For The Honeymoon

Bear in mind that you will be departing for your honeymoon a short time after your wedding day. If you have made arrangements for a formal or complex hairstyle for your wedding, it may be inappropriate for you to maintain on your honeymoon.

Make arrangements for your hairstyle to be adjusted after the wedding day, if needed. If time is at a premium, consider asking the hairstylist to call round to the hotel the following day to make the changes for you. Alternatively, if time is at a premium, get some advice and instruction about making the adjustments yourself - and remember to pack any necessary equipment you may need into your honeymoon suitcase.





The hairstyle and hair accessories that you choose should be unique. There are many places that will style your hair for the wedding and give advice and assistance with hair design for brides. The bride should be comfortable with her hair design, which should be able to last through the wedding ceremony and on to the reception and throughout the evening.   Good planning before the wedding is essential to achieve the best results from your wedding hairstyle. Brides hair should be conditioned and in healthy state if you follow an advanced routine when considering your hair style. A good hairstylist will help with plans and advice for months before the wedding day, to allow the hair to be conditioned ready for a new style, with hair extensions or with a hair piece if necessary. Good planning will produce the best results for the bride on her wedding day, with a special wedding hairstyle, that will suit both the veil when she attends the wedding ceremony as well as while she is at the reception meal, and on into the evening when she will have removed her veil and is likely to be socialising with guests and dancing the night away with her new groom. You will want your own choice of hairdresser, hairstylist or beautician, to ensure that you have confidence in the hair style that they produce for your wedding day.

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