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Organising Your Wedding Cars

On your wedding day you will want everything to flow along without a hitch. The wedding cars will be an integral part of making sure that everyone is in the right place, at the right time - as well as providing for the prestige transportation that you want for your wedding day.

Those who are inexperienced with planning the and arranging transportation for such an event may find the process confusing. You will need to sift through numerous companies, offering a wide range of different vehicles and you will need to arrange the timing to ensure that all of your (transported) guests arrive at the wedding venue at the correct time.

Wedding cars and transport

There are several companies in most areas offering wedding car hire, so you won't be restricted for choice. However, deciding on the right supplier can be a difficult task, requiring you to take several factors into account. The first decision most people make is the type of vehicles they would like to have for their wedding day. Each potential supplier will have differing vehicles to choose from including luxury modern cars and limousines, vintage cars, vintage or modern coaches, taxis (vintage or modern) or even fire engines! The types of vehicle(s) you prefer will narrow the range of suppliers to choose from, as wedding car suppliers tend to develop their own range of specialist vehicles.

When you have a list of those suppliers who can provide the sort of wedding cars you prefer, speak to them to discuss availability and the logistics of who you will need to transport, be armed with the information of where journeys will start, number of passengers, the wedding venue destination, time of the service and any onward journeys for the reception, etc. From the information that you give to them, a professional wedding car operator will be able to calculate a schedule for you. On occasions, it will be possible to use the same car for several trips to the wedding venue or to shuttle guests to the reception, a good wedding car supplier will be able to advise you on this.

After you have made a decision on the most appropriate supplier for your wedding cars, make an appointment to visit and view their cars - reassure yourself of the quality of the vehicles that will be supplied for your wedding day. Take into account the previous experience a wedding car supplier has in providing transportation for other weddings. Recommendation for family and friends who have experience from other recent weddings will be a great assistance to you. Personal recommendation is an ideal way of narrowing down the choices of potential wedding car suppliers.

Choosing a wedding car supplier

When you have decided on your preferred supplier and have at least a draft plan for how the cars will operate on the day, go over the arrangements from beginning to end to ensure that you are comfortable that the transport arrangements will help the whole wedding day flow without undue delays. When you appoint a professional wedding car company to take care of your wedding day they will make everything work without interruption and they will have allowed for some flexibility to cope with unforeseen (or even predictable!) delays on the wedding day.

Here are a few of the points you may wish to raise when planning the wedding transport:

  • What provision do they have in the event of a car breakdown?
  • Do all of their cars carry public liability insurance?
  • Will you be charged extra for any delays?
  • Will the cars remain at the wedding venue awaiting their next journey(s)?
  • Are the cars available for photographs?

The above points are just a few of the items you may wish to cover with the wedding car supplier, add any further points of your own.

When you have finally decided on the type of wedding cars you want and chosen a supplier, on making a booking you will be asked to provide a deposit to guarantee reservation of your chosen vehicles for your wedding day. The booking is normally accompanied by a contract for the hire of the vehicles, you should read this carefully before signing so that you understand exactly what the wedding car supplier will be providing on the day - if you have any questions in respect of the contract or arrangements, now is the time to raise them.

When you have finalised the arrangements for your wedding cars, you may wish to consider any additional transport needs for your wedding, including transport for the bride and groom leaving the reception and/or onward transport to the airport for your honeymoon departure. A good wedding car supplier will be able to take care of all this for you and take charge of all of the logistics for your wedding.






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