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A Chocolate Fountain At Your Wedding Reception

Hire a chocolate fountain for a beautiful display of cascading chocolate filling the air with tantalising aroma. If you love chocolate then this is a 'must' for the wedding reception, you'll love the chocolate fountain. When surrounded by an array of succulent dips, the chocolate fountain will amaze your guests and create an impressive part of your wedding reception.

Chocolate fountains at a wedding reception

The Chocolate Fountain.
A Tantalising Display Of Cascading Chocolate

A chocolate fountain will be appealing across the age range of your wedding guests and most will want to experience it. It makes a tasteful dessert and is good fun as an interactive dessert choice for your wedding guests. Whilst encouraging people (not that they will need much encouragement!) to sample the delights of the chocolate fountain after your wedding meal, you will find that this feature will act as a great ice-breaker, helping your guests to relax and start to mingle with each other. Hot flowing chocolate on demand for your wedding guests will make a different and memorable showpiece at your wedding reception - and is more practical than an ice sculpture or similar decoration. The flowing chocolate is a pleasing sight to watch, the selection of dips provide a wonderfully different range of tastes and the chocolate fountain will fill the atmosphere with that warm chocolate aroma - almost irresistible!

The chocolate fountain will give a tantalising display of cascading chocolate surrounded by a selection of fondue-style food 'dips'. It is normally accompanied by staff from the supplier (hire company or caterer) who act as servers and replenish both the chocolate and fondue stocks throughout the event. Most chocolate fountains use a fine Belgian chocolate (which is specially formulated to give the best results in the fountain), but there are often different flavours and variances available, so discuss this with potential suppliers when you make initial enquiries. A selection of dips is normally provided as a part of the chocolate fountain hire package, generally these will include fruit items like strawberries, exotic fruits or other fresh fruits and confectionery items such as cookies, fudge, marshmallows, mini doughnuts, pretzels, profiteroles, or Turkish delight. Of course, if you have a preference of dips then you should arrange with the supplier that these are made available at your wedding. Fruit can be somewhat seasonal, so may vary depending on the time of year. Most chocolate fountain suppliers will also supply whipped or double cream as an addition to the chocolate or as a substitute for those who prefer it.

Chocolate Fountain Suppliers

Chocolate fountains can be bought or hired for your wedding day. Unless you have a use for one in the future, and you have someone who can operate and look after the fountain at your wedding, then hiring one is the better option. Your wedding caterer or wedding cake supplier may have the facilities to offer this service and will be a good first point of enquiry for a chocolate fountain. If not, then locate a specialist supplier close to your wedding venue to begin your enquiries. When arranging for a chocolate fountain, discuss the different types of chocolate that they have to choose from, and if the available amount of chocolate is unlimited or restricted. The fountain supplier will also supply the fondue dips that accompany it, so make sure you discuss the different types of dips available and any preferences that you have, and again, check on the amounts available over the time that it will be in use. A hired chocolate fountain is normally set up and staffed throughout the time by the supplier, so make sure that the company you eventually choose includes this as a part of their service.

As with most other items for your wedding day, book the chocolate fountain hire early and confirm the booking details in writing.





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