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Wedding Cake Toppers

Wedding cake toppers come in an endless spectrum of designs, shapes and sizes from skilled wedding cake designers. They can come in any shape or form, the most common cake toppers being the figurines of the bride and the groom, doves, daisies, roses, interlocking hearts, wedding rings, or flowers in a basket; the list is endless. The materials used for wedding cake toppers can be anything, ranging from glass and porcelain to crystal or a wide range of other materials.

Wedding cake toppers, reflect your style, theme or personality

Reflect The Wedding Theme In Your Cake Topper

For those planning a theme wedding, wedding cake toppers can augment the atmosphere of the wedding reception. A skilled hand can replicate the wedding dress on top of the cake. For fairytale-themed weddings, a replica of the Cinderella glass slipper or a figurine of Snow White would be just about perfect; or, for that matter, a small figure of a dragon or a castle. Beach and marine themed weddings can give the wedding cake designer plenty of room to exercise his creativity. The wedding cake toppers can come in a plethora of forms then, like dolphins, seahorses, mermaids, lighthouses or more. For medieval-themed weddings, you can use a miniature knight and maiden as toppers. For Western-themed weddings, cake toppers can range from horses and cows to the cowboy and cowgirl as the bride and groom.

Winter Wedding Cake Topper

A winter wedding also gives the cake designer plenty to work with. For example, crystal snowflakes or snow people can sit atop the cake. Though other materials can be used, glass seems perfect for this theme, as it can reflect the light like icicles.

Military Wedding Cake Topper

For those from military backgrounds, wedding toppers can be quite intricate. A naval wedding, for instance, can do with an anchor behind the figures of the groom and the bride. For the military wedding, two sabers crossed and placed behind the miniature figures of the couple would be ideal.

Keep The Cake Topper As A Personal Memento

Wedding cake toppers can be kept as a wedding day souvenir, and are at most times good enough pass off as a showpiece for your drawing room. You may even consider having your chosen, sometimes unique, wedding cake topper mounted on a plinth or encased in a glass bubble or cabinet, so that you have a lasting display to remind you of your special and happiest day.





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