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Choosing Your Wedding Cake

The wedding cake is one of the most thought-about aspects of the day. Aside from the bride herself, this is the focal point of the wedding reception table. Cakes are a feature of most weddings that the guests admire and will be recalled and talked about long afterwards, including viewing and admiring the photographs that will have been taken.

There are numerous types, designs and styles of wedding cakes to choose from, each with the option to further customise and accessorise to fit your chosen theme – the options are truly endless. It will be good preparation to have established some ideas about size, colours, decoration, number of tiers,etc. before discussing your requirements with your wedding cake supplier, but keep an open mind for suggestions from the professionals. They will bring a host of alternative ideas and that could transform your existing ideas into your perfect creation.

Heart shaped tiered wedding cake

Have An Idea Of The Type Of Wedding Cake You Like

Prior to discussing your cake requirements with potential suppliers try to form some initial opinions of how you would like it to look. If you establish an approximate budget and some detail of how you wish your cake to look, you will save yourself a considerable amount of time during the decision making process and initial enquiries. Do you propose to have sponge or traditional fruit cake? Is your cake to be tiered and, if so, with how many tiers? Do you have a particular style of decoration in mind? Colours? Having as much detail as possible pre-determined will assist both you and your chosen supplier to get things off to a good start.

Browse Through Pictures Of Wedding Cakes

At your initial meeting with the cake supplier (your initial consultation should not be charged for) ask to see pictures of their previous creations and designs. Don’t be afraid to ask for a different design or to ask for a cake design that mixes two or more of the other styles together -  most wedding cake suppliers will be happy to oblige. If the prospective supplier has a web site, spend some time browsing the pictures and information on their site before you meet with them.

Traditionally, the majority of wedding cakes are decorated with white icing, but if your theme or colour choice is different from white there is no reason why the icing on your own cake shouldn’t be coloured to accommodate this. If you are requesting a specific colour, take swatches along with you so there is a definite colour match.

The Cake Topper

When you have decided on the filling and decoration for your personal creation you will need to give some thought to the cake topper if you’re having one. The days of the miniature plastic bride and groom stood hand-in-hand are past, unless you are looking for a more 'retro' look!  If a "happy couple" is still your preference, the cake topper can be custom made to look exactly like the bride and groom, even down to the style and colour of the bride’s dress! Further details on wedding cake toppers, click here.

Alternatively, you can always choose to provide your own cake topper. Many accessory suppliers have a bespoke range of cake toppers for you to choose from.

Order The Cake Far Ahead Of The Wedding Date

Good quality wedding cake designers and suppliers fill their order books months ahead, often they receive bookings over a year ahead of a wedding date. We strongly recommend that you order your cake (or at least make a reservation for your proposed order) at least six months ahead to ensure some peace of mind that you will have your preferred supplier. Most cake suppliers will need to have all of your decisions finalised three to six months prior to the wedding date, to allow them to commence the planning and production of your carefully crafted masterpiece.

Keep Within Your Budget

Set a budget for your wedding cake and try to stay within it. Bear in mind that, on some occasions, the decorator’s fee is quoted separately from the other costs.  Establish if there will be a delivery cost for transporting your cake to the reception venue so that you can include this with your budgeted amount.

After Your Special Day....

When the cake has been cut, enjoyed by your guests and distributed amongst those who couldn’t attend, keep your cake topper safe. This will give you a wonderful keepsake to remind you of your perfect day. In the future, it could even become the chosen topper for use by your own children on their special day.







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