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The Top Ten Chart Of Wedding Insurance Claims!

by Adam Leyton

Without wishing to trivialise in any way the consequences of wedding disasters, we are going to run through the top ten claims on wedding insurance policies to show you why you really need it.

  1. Number one is damage or loss to wedding attire. In some ways I am not really surprised about this because in my career as an insurance underwriter I found that the blindingly obvious was often the cause of most claims, whatever type of policy it was. Spilled wine ripped wedding dresses and stolen items comprise this particular aspect of weddings. They are simply the most vulnerable, but it is only when you return these items that you are faced with the surcharge by the owners.

  2. The next one surprised me a little. Retaking of the wedding photographs is very common these days. You would think that with modern equipment this would not happen, but there are a myriad of other things that can cause the photographs to require a retake.

  3. Cancellation due to bereavement we have covered in an earlier article. This speaks for itself, but again, I was surprised at how often this does happen.

  4. I personally cannot imagine how this could happen, but evidently the caterers not turning up on the day is number four on the list. More often than not, this is due to a misunderstanding about dates and times rather than the actual items they supply.

  5. How often in films do we see the old "best man lost the rings" scene. Unfortunately it is quite a common event. I have been a best man twice, and I must admit that I spent every few minutes checking that they were still in my pocket! However, it is not only the best man who can lose them. Evidently, brides or grooms often leave them in the WC when they are washing their hands and they are stolen.

  6. I have personally experienced this one. The wedding vehicles do not turn up. Again, this is usually due to a misunderstanding about dates and times, but sometimes they are about breakdowns and accidents. It still causes great consternation all round when it does happen.

  7. Double booking of the venue is fortunately going down the list. This is a particularly nasty thing to happen, but more often than not, it is caused by a misunderstanding when the original booking is made.

  8. I was surprised to see that Public Liability claims were even on here until I realised that there is an advertisement every few seconds on television these days about making a claim for an accident.

  9. In at number nine is the loss or damage to wedding presents. This was high up on the list a few years ago, but thankfully, people seem to be taking more care of their gifts than they used to.

  10. Last but certainly not the least is the financial failure of the suppliers. This is becoming more topical as we speak because of the financial situation in the country at the moment.


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