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Wedding Insurance Cover For Your Wedding Plans

Wedding insurance, when compared to other forms of insurance cover, is not very expensive. It is certainly worth the cost to give you peace of mind and reassurance against the risk of things going wrong on your wedding day. Whatever style of wedding you have chosen (Register Office, Church, Wedding Venue, Civil Ceremony, Overseas Wedding, etc.) can be covered by comprehensive wedding insurance. 

Wedding insurance cover for your plans and the wedding day

Wedding Insurance Cover for any Unexpected Situations

Your wedding day has a big financial value, but it is surprising how many couples are prepared to risk the loss against the unexpected events that could occur on one of the most important days of their lives by omitting to have wedding insurance! Most people accept that they should cover their house, possessions, car and other valuables with insurance for the 'unexpected'. On average, formal weddings have a cost of three times an average family saloon. Ask yourself this question, how much did you pay for your car? Would you even think about not insuring it against loss or damage? If your wedding has a much greater value than your car why would you not insure it? Why would you leave that huge value open to risk and a potential total loss in the event that anything unexpected were to happen to disrupt your wedding day? No one wants to think about a wedding going wrong for any reason, but the simple fact is that these things can happen and leave you with a huge financial loss if you didn't have insurance cover. Your wedding and the surrounding events are a big financial investment, so it is worth protecting against most eventualities, with wedding insurance cover.

It is unlikely that you could insure against rain or a gloomy day (that's probably a job for the bookmaker!), but you certainly would be able to have wedding insurance that included cover against any more extreme wedding day weather disasters, such as hurricanes, floods or earthquakes. Wedding insurance can be comprehensive enough to cover just about every eventuality - except for the bride or groom's change of heart. You are able to create a safety net against the unavoidable with a relatively straightforward wedding insurance policy . . . . think about the financial consequences if your wedding day were to be deferred, or even cancelled, because of an illness or accident, or if the wedding venue were to have a fire or the reception venue closed down or went out of business. After all of your time, effort and meticulous planning there are factors that are beyond your control that can have a serious affect on your wedding, and these can be covered by a wedding insurance plan starting from a very low priced premium.

Check List for Wedding Insurance Cover

The main risks that should be covered in a typical wedding insurance policy (you may wish to use this as a 'check-list' when shopping for wedding insurance cover - add your own value to each item to ensure that you have sufficient cover):

  • Wedding cancellation (check circumstances when this will apply)
  • Personal accident
  • The bride's wedding dress and jewellery
  • Ceremonial attire (for bridesmaids, groom, best man and others if formal attire is to be hired)
  • Wedding rings insurance
  • Wedding venue cancellation (ensure that the venue carries its own public liability insurance cover)
  • Flowers
  • Wedding cars and other special transportation
  • Photographer and videographer (with provision for the risk of photographs being destroyed)
  • Wedding cake
  • Caterer (if not booked as a part of your reception venue)
  • Reception venue
  • Failure of other suppliers
  • Wedding presents (including any cash and vouchers)
  • Extreme weather conditions
  • Legal expenses and personal liability

Plan your wedding insurance early

You should include wedding insurance in the initial list when you sit down to begin planning your wedding. When you have set the wedding date and start to get quotes for the flowers, cars, photographer, rings and dress, you should be getting quotes for your wedding insurance cover at the same time. By the time you have selected some of your suppliers and started to make bookings and pay deposits you should have your insurance policy in place - this will give you the maximum period of cover for the insurance premium paid.

When you book your honeymoon, don't forget the separate insurance cover that you will need. It is unlikely that your wedding insurance policy will stretch as far as cover for your honeymoon (but worth checking with your insurance supplier). Your honeymoon should have separate travel insurance cover for the time that you are away, but you may wish to consider cancellation cover for your honeymoon where the cancellation is as a result of an effect from your wedding. If you're discussing insurance content with your wedding insurer, this may be a good point to include in your requirements or as a separate policy, as it is unlikely that your travel insurance would cover such a risk.


Everyone hopes that your wedding day will run smoothly and without any problems, but it is good to have the reassurance that if anything was to go wrong or disrupt your plans you have covered the financial burden with adequate wedding insurance.




Each wedding is unique and the arrangements and suppliers will differ along with the respective values, so the wedding insurance cover will need to be structured to meet your needs. There are numerous wedding insurance companies to choose from, each offering it's own different levels of wedding insurance cover. Some insurance companies will be able to offer a standard insurance policy that will give you the level of cover that you want. whilst others will have a range of plans that may have specific wedding items that can be included or excluded from your wedding insurance requirements. If you approach most insurance brokers, they will be able to compile an insurance plan for a wedding that meets each of your specific needs. It may be wise to include Public Liability in your wedding insurance, to cover for any accidents or incidents involving your guests that could lead to a claim being made against you.

It may be prudent to enquire about the levels of insurance that are held by your wedding suppliers as, for example, the wedding and reception venues and your wedding car supplier will probably carry their own liability insurance that covers any of your guests whilst in their care. The same may apply to your caterers and other chosen wedding suppliers.


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