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By comparison with other types of insurance cover, wedding insurance gives you a wide range of cover at a relatively low cost. A good wedding insurance policy will cover any unexpected events on your wedding day (cars not arriving, caterer going out of business, etc.) through to most of the major events that could even lead to cancellation of your well-planned wedding (floods, accident or illness affecting the bride or groom, etc.).

Wedding insurance to cover unexpected events on your wedding day

What parts of your wedding plans and wedding day will require wedding insurance cover? We’ve listed below the main items to check against the policies that you may be considering from insurance suppliers.

Wedding Rings Insurance Cover

Loss or theft of your wedding rings can happen any time before the marriage service. We’ve all heard the old joke about the best man losing the wedding rings – but it is possible, and it’s not funny! Check that the amount of cover included in the wedding insurance policy is sufficient to cover the value of both the bride and groom’s wedding rings.

Wedding Cars / Wedding Transport Insurance Cover

If the wedding cars fails to arrive, or they go out of business before your wedding day, wedding insurance will cover a refund of your costs (or lost deposit, whichever applies at the time).

Wedding Dress / Wedding Attire Insurance

Ranking amongst the highest number of claims in respect of wedding insurance policies is damage to the wedding dress. After all of your time and effort in finding the perfect gown for you, ordering, fittings and waiting for the finished article, the thought of your beautiful wedding dress being damaged in some way before the wedding day is horrific. Yet, this ranks amongst highest in claims against wedding insurance policies, so it does happen, and with somewhat regularity! Unexpected events like this are the main purpose of having wedding insurance, if a fire or burst water pipe or other unanticipated event were to damage or destroy your wedding dress, the insurance cover would provide you with peace of mind to have it repaired or replaced.

In addition to covering the wedding dress, most wedding insurance policies will provide cover for other items of clothing for the bridal party, including items that have been hired specially for the occasion.

Wedding Catering Cover

If your chosen wedding caterer were to go out of business after you have paid your deposit or the total amount, a good wedding insurance policy would cover any shortfall of the refund that you are due. Even worse, if the caterers didn’t show up on the wedding day, the insurance would give you peace of mind that you can make emergency arrangements to cater for your guests without being left with the cost of additional expenditure to do so.

Wedding Flowers Cover

If your carefully chosen floral decorations, buttonholes or bouquet fails to materialise on the wedding day, the wedding insurance should cover the cost of your outlay to the florist. Although this won’t replace your missing floral arrangements, it will give you peace of mind while you make last-minute arrangements to rectify the problem, without having to incur additional costs.

Wedding Reception Venue Cover

Disasters do sometimes happen, even with the best planned and most responsible of events and suppliers. Should something disastrous happen in respect of your wedding reception venue (closing down, fire, flood, etc.) the wedding insurance would cover the need to make alternative arrangements for the wedding reception location.

Wedding Cake Insurance

Your wedding cake is a culinary work of art, carefully sculptured and formed to your individual specification and then transported to the wedding venue. It can experience all kinds of risks, transportation, assembly at the reception, collapsing tables, etc. In most cases, the cake is handled by professional and experience people, but accidents can happen. Should anything untoward affect the wedding cake, a good wedding insurance policy will cover the cost of the cake.

Wedding Photographer and Photography Insurance Cover

There are a couple of main things that can go wrong with the wedding photography. Rarely, the photographer may go out of business or not show up on your wedding day, or the photographs which have been taken at the wedding may experience technical difficulties in processing or even a post-wedding disaster! With a good wedding insurance in place, these risks will be covered and, in the event that your photographs are destroyed in any way, you will be able to cover the cost of reassembling the bridal party and main wedding guests to have them re-taken.

Wedding Gifts Insurance

Amongst the most common reasons for claims being made against wedding insurance policies is damage to wedding gifts. Often the gifts are displayed on a table at the wedding reception and some couples suffer the consequences of the more delicate items being damaged when a table collapses (hint – check that the table which any of your gifts are to be displayed on is substantial enough to carry the weight!). The insurance will give you cover in the event of any or all of your wedding gifts being stolen. Wedding insurance will cover the cost of replacing the lost or damaged gift items up to their original value.

Wedding Guest Liability Cover

Depending on the type/level of wedding insurance you chose, most policies will have some level of liability insurance included, to cover the unfortunate circumstances of someone being injured whilst at your wedding. Some of the wedding suppliers will carry their own public liability insurance for their part of the wedding day (wedding cars, marriage location, reception venue, etc.) so it may be worth checking this out before deciding on the amount of liability insurance you wish to have as a part of the wedding insurance cover that you arrange. The overall amount of liability cover can be increased at a small additional cost on most policies should you feel the need exists to do so. In these litigious times, liability insurance cover should not be dismissed as unnecessary.

Wedding Cancellation Cover

Thankfully, the number of claims against wedding insurance for total cancellation of the wedding is very few – but they do happen. If the wedding is cancelled because of a change of heart by the bride or the groom, then this won’t be covered. However, there are some unpredictable circumstances which are beyond your control that may lead to your wedding being cancelled, for example illness, or even death, suffered by the bride or groom or a close family member which causes your wedding to be cancelled or postponed. Certain extremes of weather conditions which prevent the majority of your guests attending the wedding will be covered (but rain or strong winds are unlikely to be extreme enough cause for a cancellation). Flood situations where the guests are prevented from attending or which affect the wedding or reception venues, or other ‘act of God’ circumstances, are all most likely to cause cancellation and will be covered by most available wedding insurance policies.

Insuring A Wedding Marquee

Not all weddings use a marquee, so insurance cover for a marquee is not generally offered by most insurers except as an optional item to the policy at additional cost. If you are proposing to hire a marquee for your wedding day, check with the suppliers about their own availability of insurance cover before adding this to your wedding insurance.



Remember that any items that you have paid for by credit card will most likely be covered by the credit card company as a part of your standard conditions. When you are arranging to pay deposits or balances to various suppliers, your credit card company may already be providing you with a level of refund cover in the event that anything was to go wrong. Check with credit card suppliers about the terms and levels of cover already existing with any credit cards that are used to buy items for your wedding day. This may alleviate the need to increase values included with standard wedding insurance policies and save you money.




The wedding insurance cover will need to be structured to meet your own needs. There are many wedding insurance suppliers to choose from, each one offering different levels of wedding insurance cover – check the internet and a good insurance broker for further details. Some insurers are able to offer a standard wedding insurance policy that will give you the level of cover for your wedding arrangements, whilst others will have a range of insurance options that may have specific wedding items either included or excluded from the wedding insurance policy. If you approach most insurance brokers, or often online insurance web sites, you will be able to compile a comprehensive insurance plan for your wedding that meets each of your specific needs. You should include Public Liability in your wedding insurance; to give you cover for any accidents or incidents involving your guests that could lead to a claim being made against the insurers. It’s always prudent to start your wedding arrangements by calculating and purchasing the wedding insurance, that way you will have the longest period of cover and you will be able to make bookings and deposit payments in the knowledge that your wedding insurance policy is covering each of your payments.

You should enquire about the levels of insurance cover that are held by each of your wedding suppliers as, for example, the wedding and reception venues and your wedding car supplier will probably carry their own liability insurance that covers any of your guests whilst in their care. The same may apply to your caterers and other chosen wedding suppliers. This may alleviate the need for extra insurance cover being added to your wedding insurance policy.


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