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A Fascinator To Enhance Your Wedding Hairstyle

Fascinator headwear has been around for a long time, but has made a fashion come-back in the 21st century. It is a delicate head decoration, somewhat frivolous in design. Many wedding guests choose to wear a fascinator instead of a hat to compliment their wedding hairstyle, outfit and appearance.

Fascinators as a delacate hairdecoration to replace a hat


A Non-Traditional Veil For The Bride

A bride's fascinator can be a modern alternative to the veil


Modern fascinators are made from feathers, flowers or beads, or a combination of these materials. Occasionally a bride will chose to wear a fascinator to her wedding to replace the traditional veil, especially if her chosen wedding gown is non-traditional.


Add Flair To Your Hairstyle and Outfit

Whereas a hat is designed to be worn on top of the hairstyle, a fascinator is intended to be displayed as a part of it. Many women find that a hat is awkward, uncomfortable or simply not fashionable enough and so choose to wear a fascinator instead. They are considered to be more fun and stylish and complimentary to a fashionable outfit.

For those who wish to have the traditional appearance of a wedding hat, yet the more modern and stylish appearance of a fascinator, a hat shaped fascinator fits the bill ideally. These are easily fixed into the hair by a comb or a clip and are normally worn at an angle towards the side of the head. Some wedding guests choose to wear a traditional hat to the wedding service and then change to a fascinator for the reception or evening to create a refreshed and stylish look to their wedding outfit.

The Hat Shaped Fascinator

Fascinators are made from a range of materials, but mainly they consist of feathers, sequins, crystals, beads, lace, etc. They are generally less expensive than a wedding hat, ranging from simple budget designs through to designer exclusive fascinators.

hat style fascinator



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