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Wedding Hats to Top Off Your Outfit

A hat is the icing-on-the-cake for any wedding outfit. Such a special occasion, where you will have spent lots of time choosing and buying your ideal wedding outfit, lends itself to wearing a hat. Before you venture into the millinery department, pause to consider the main features that you want from your wedding hat. The hat needs to be the right shape to compliment your face, your height, your body style, your hairstyle and your chosen outfit! Sit in front of a mirror for a while and consider all of the questions and the options, be honest with yourself about how others see you - then you should be better prepared to go shopping for that perfect wedding hat to compliment your wedding outfit.

Wedding hats, wear a hat to compliment your outfit

Allow Lots Of Time To Choose Your Wedding Hat

People notice your hat! It can compliment you and your carefully chosen outfit, or it can clash with it! When you go shopping for your wedding hat, allow lots of time, at least an hour, to try on different styles and sizes. Have your hair in a style similar to the one you will have at the wedding, to give you a better impression of the overall 'look'. Weddings are one of few occasions when hats are worn, so get used to seeing yourself with a hat on before you make your final choice of which style suits you best.

Wear A Hat To Compliment Your Wedding Outfit

Your wedding outfit should be complimented by the hat you wear, not be dominated by it. Chose from hats that suit your personal style as well as matches your wedding outfit - never choose your hat before you have made your choice of outfit for the wedding. A plain outfit can be finished with a very dressy hat, but if your wedding outfit is quite busy and dressy, then consider a fairly plain hat to finish it off.

The hat you choose should compliment your overall look, matching your outfit and other accessories. However, when it comes to matching the accessories, ensure that your shoes and handbag match and work well together without the hat, as you may remove the hat later in the day, but your shoes and bag will still need to work together with your outfit.

Consider The Hat's Shape

You will want a hat that matches or compliments your wedding outfit, but don't make your choice based on colour alone. The shape is also very important, to compliment the shape of your face. A lady with a round face generally suits a hat with a tall crown, whilst lower crowns and snugger fits tend to work better if the face is longer or narrower. As a general guide, the crown on the hat should be at least as wide as your cheekbones.

Use A Hat To Finish Your Overall Look

All millinery stores will provide a mirror to assist you with selecting your hat, but you should try to view your final selections in a full-length mirror. For a smaller person, a hat can gain you some extra height without the necessity to wear higher heels. If your hat closely matches the top of your wedding outfit, then you'll have the appearance of a longer body.

Taller women can wear a larger and somewhat broader hat, whilst someone with a smaller build can tend to look swamped by it or possibly top-heavy in their appearance. Conversely, a small hat on the taller or stockier built lady often looks lost or out of place. 

Buy A Well Fitting Hat

You wouldn't buy ill-fitting shoes or other clothes, so make sure you buy the right size of hat as well. For those who don't normally wear hats (most of us!) the commonest mistake when trying them on is to wrongly position the hat on your head. A hat shouldn't be sat back on the crown of your head, or perched precariously atop your hairstyle. A well fitted hat should be able to be worn from the centre of your head and pulled down to cover up to half of your forehead.

Obtain a hat that is the right size for you and wear it with confidence. When making your final choice try walking around the shop for a while to get a sense confidence in how your new wedding hat feels.



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