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Creative Wedding Photography

When choosing your wedding photographer, find a professional who will incorporate creativity into your wedding photographs. Go beyond the traditional portrait photos with creative photography and you'll have lasting fun-filled memories forever. While the pictures from your nuptials will become lasting memories, creative wedding photography is a great way to capture the happy bride and groom in a variety of light-hearted and candid moments.

Your wedding day is the ideal opportunity to plan things your way; the dress, the location, the décor, the themed colours. Choosing your wedding photographer is equally as important. You want someone you can rely on, professional, and talented in the skill of recognising fantastic photo opportunities on your wedding day. When you're looking for creative or contemporary style wedding photography, you're looking for someone who will supply you quality wedding portraits as well as casual candid shots. 

Creative wedding photography

Above picture by Matthew Stansfield

Selecting The Right Photographer And Wedding Package

Most wedding photographers will have a package that includes a number of more creative wedding photographs. With so many brides and grooms opting for a more casual ceremony and reception, it's essential that your photographer can realise the ideal moments for the candid shots, rather than just staging the formally posed, unnatural stills.

When selecting your wedding photographer, don't pick the cheapest around just based on the premise of saving a little from your wedding budget. If you choose to hire the lowest priced photographer, based on the quotation alone, then be prepared for less than satisfactory results - your dream day is not the time to risk it to someone who is unprofessional or inexperienced. Spend the extra money and hire a reliable, experienced wedding photographer who will give you the results you'll love!

Choose A Good Location For Your Wedding Photographs

If you're planning an informal get together, it may be easier to create a fun, carefree environment for your pictures. Many wedding venues are located in a romantic place for both formal and informal weddings; include castles, stately homes, country hotels, etc. in your list of places to consider - especially if they have extensive gardens to use for some of your wedding photographs.

Local wedding photographers will most likely be familiar with some of the top marriage locations to get informal shots of the bridal party, don't be afraid to seek their advice before you make your venue booking. Whether that means capturing pictures of the bride and groom as they steal a quiet kiss, photographing the bride as she laughs with her new husband in the gardens, or capturing the happy couple holding hands as they walk down a quiet picturesque street hand in hand. A good wedding photographer will be able to see the opportunities for the perfect informal wedding pictures.

Decide on the Style Of Wedding Photographs That You Want

To help choose the right wedding photographer, discuss your expectations beforehand. If you are seeking a particular style and result from your wedding photographs, provide the photographer with some ideas or sample pictures to determine the style you're after. Each professional photographer will have a different approach, but the overall mood you want your pictures to evoke is very important as well. You can also determine a good mix of posed and candid shots - maybe decide on more portrait style family photographs following your wedding service, and then the more candid pictures of you and your guests socialising at the reception. Some wedding photographers will be pleased to arrange a separate photo shoot for the bride, groom and bridal party at a location nearby. Most professional wedding photographers will be pleased to arrange to meet with you at the location prior to your wedding to discuss the different photo opportunities that are possible.

Capture The Mood Of Your Wedding Day

A creative wedding photographer will be able to reflect the casual atmosphere of your wedding day, or simply allow you to have some gorgeous candid memories from your special day; your mother and father glancing at one another during the speeches, the flower girl sneaking a taste of your special cake icing, the groom's reaction to an unexpected comment in the best man's speech, or you and your new spouse letting loose on the dance floor during your favourite song.

The beauty of the wedding venue will allow your wedding photographer to use it as a creative backdrop for your pictures, and an experienced professional wedding photographer will help you to have creative memorable photographs of your wedding day. A good creative photographer will produce a style of candid wedding photographs that will allow you to relive your special wedding moments for a lifetime.

Consider Post-Wedding Photography

While you are planning and arranging the photographer for your wedding day, consider arranging for post-wedding photography. The bride and her very expensive and beautiful wedding dress deserves to be captured at a moment in time when she's at her most radiant, and post wedding photography gives an ideal opportunity to do this away from the obvious constraints of the wedding day. See our feature on post wedding photography for more details.





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