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A Guide To Wedding Photography

The wedding photographer is your wedding historian and will present you with a wonderful array of pictures that will remind you of the occasion, and the people who were there, that will last forever. Your wedding day is the culmination of months of planning and the fulfilment of the bride's dreams. It is a day that the couple will remember with happy memories for the rest of their lives, but after the excitement of the day is over, your memories will be wrapped in the record of your photographs from the day.

Wedding photographers

The wedding pictures will capture your special day, all of the emotion, your wedding dress and flowers, the splendid outfits, the special guests and will give you an album of cherished memories that you will treasure for your whole life. The occasion of your wedding, and those fleeting moments captured in your wedding pictures, will never be repeated again, and so your wedding photography should be carefully planned to avoid any regrets afterwards.

Professional Wedding Photographer - Professional Results

When you're planning your wedding, and dealing with the costs of all the different parts of it, and juggling your wedding budget to get the best results for your wedding day, it can be so tempting to ask a friend or relative to take your pictures. The wedding photographs are far too precious to trust to any well-meaning friend or relative, don't take risks with one of the most important elements of your wedding day by delegating the task to someone who may not be up to the challenge. The priority for your wedding photography is to have the pictures taken by a professional wedding photographer for results that you can rely on.

Most people planning their wedding have to remain conscious of their budget, but the photography should have a high priority in this area. Some couples make the mistake of allocating a sum too small to their wedding photography because they do not understand the importance of 'a few photographs'. Pause to consider the comments so often repeated following domestic disasters reported in the news "I have lost my wedding pictures". Ask any bride who has had the misfortune of having her photographs of her wedding day destroyed and lost forever how she feels and you will appreciate the importance in later years of this valuable record.

The Style Of Your Wedding Pictures

When you are considering the different wedding photographers that are available, you must also consider the style of photographs that you would like to record the occasion. Each photographer will have a different, personal, style and service and so you should have your own opinions on how you want your wedding day to be captured in your pictures. There are three main styles of wedding photography; traditional or classical style, reportage or documentary style and contemporary style. The contemporary style, which is a combination of classical and reportage, is very popular for weddings today.

Traditional or Classical Style Wedding Photography

This type of wedding photography is associated with the formal wedding and is what most people bring to mind when they think about wedding photographs. The photographer will take portrait pictures and posed groups and will often work from a 'menu' of pre-determined shots. Although this Classical type of photography is considered very formal and traditional, don't discount it purely on those grounds, it ensures that you will have pictures of all of your guests. A wedding is a formal occasion and the traditional photographs will reflect this. Most parents and many other of your wedding guests will prefer the traditional and posed results. These are the pictures you will see hanging on the wall and on the mantelpiece. 

Reportage or Documentary Style Wedding Photography

For a more fashionable result to your wedding pictures, this photo-journalistic approach will record the story of your wedding as the day progresses. The aim of this reportage or documentary style of wedding photography will be to record the events as they unfold, with the wedding photographer taking a more neutral or third-party remote viewpoint. There may not be any posed or formal photographs taken at all, whilst your photographer stays in the background throughout the wedding and captures images that record the occasion. Some photographers have been know to go to the extreme of reporter-style photography and suggest black and white photographs, press style, for the final wedding album - you should avoid this, however persuasive the argument may be. Quite simply, your colour photographs can also be reproduced as black and white shots should the need arise, but black and white pictures cannot be reproduced as colour! The reportage style of wedding photography will produce an album storybook of happy memories of your wedding day - although the pictures may not be what your mum, grandma and close relatives will want to have on display.

Contemporary Style Wedding Photography

Many couples are now choosing this type of wedding photography package for their wedding day. It combines the formal wedding pictures with the less-formal reportage pictures to tell the overall story of the day. It may mean that an assistant will be with the photographer throughout the day, who will be taking the non-posed pictures reporter style while the main photographer takes care of the formal and fashionable structured pictures. Often, this contemporary approach to your wedding photographs will include a number of pictures of a more stylised nature, taken in a setting where the photographer has good background and ideal lighting - this can produce stunning results that will grab attention and are reflective of the glossy magazine style of wedding photographs.

Making The Right Choice Of Wedding Photographer

Your final choice of wedding photographer will be determined by your personal preferences and personality. Choose a wedding photographer who has proven results in providing the style of photographs that you want for your wedding album, along with a personality that both the bride and groom can easily get along with. The photographer will be with you throughout your wedding and if you find their personality irritating this will be reflected on your faces when the photographs are taken. Appointing the wedding photographer should be a joint decision involving both the bride and the groom, so they can decide if they feel that this is the person they feel will deliver the style and quality you want for your wedding photographs.

Your wedding day is a historic event in your lives and your parent's lives and will form very special memories for years to come. The time and effort you spend choosing a wedding photographer will pay dividends as you look back over cherished memories for the rest of your lives and potentially for future generations after you.




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Wedding Photography

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