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Organising The Bride and Groom's Wedding Day

When the wedding day finally arrives you will have achieved so much. You will have been engaged for months, survived all the planning and arrangements for your wedding service and reception, arranged the dress and other attire, booked a honeymoon – and you haven’t killed anyone yet! The hard work of arranging every last detail of your wedding day is over. On the morning of your wedding day your only responsibility is to go along with the arrangements you have already carefully put into place and enjoy every moment of this memorable day. Read on for some essential advice on organising yourself for your wedding day.

The bride and groom need to be organised on their wedding day

Both the bride and groom, and probably their parents, will have been planning and organising for a long time to make this day go off without a hitch. You should be aware that things NEVER go exactly as planned, so expect an element of the unexpected to crop up somewhere along the way and don’t get too worked up about it. It is those unexpected events that make the best stories and create the best memories for years to come. Relax, have a good time at your own wedding, this is the day that you have chosen to celebrate your loving and blissful union.

For The Bride:

The morning of the wedding is often more stressful for the bride than any of the planning process that has gone before it. Begin your day with a nice relaxing bubble bath, or book a massage at the spa. You deserve to start your wedding day as chilled and relaxed as you possibly can. If you feel that you need some private time to yourself, then do it alone (the rest of the day will be taken up with people wanting your attention). If you're feeling nervous and need company to chat with, invite your bridesmaids along for some pre-wedding pampering.

Make all the appointments that you need for your wedding day well ahead of the date. Allow lots of time for hair stylists, make up, manicures, etc. Ask a close friend, who isn’t part of your wedding party, to act as your ‘assistant’ for the day. If you get a run in your stockings, they’ll be on hand to run to the store and get a replacement or if the florist is running late, they’ll be the ones to call them for you. This will help keep you detached from most of the stress that situations can bring as well as keeping your schedule for the day on track. A nice gift for your friend would be a good sign of your appreciation for all her efforts. Although tradition is for the bride to arrive at the church a few minutes late, consider that your photographer will want to take some pictures on your arrival and you will need a little time to prepare for your grand entrance - so you may wish to consider arriving with a little time to spare. A good supply of tissues on hand is always a good idea, you may tear up a little with all the emotions and it would be a shame to smear your gorgeous make up.

Spend the last few minutes before the ceremony starts with your bridesmaids. Do some deep breathing exercises together if your feeling nervous, and think about how long you have been planning and waiting for this very special day to arrive - enjoy it!

For The Groom:

On the morning of your wedding day it is perfectly normal for the groom to wake up feeling a bit jittery. The easiest way to handle the stress of this day is by good preparation in having your responsibilities organised well ahead of time so that you can spend your wedding day in a stress free zone. In the week before your wedding check and confirm the travel plans for your honeymoon, your transportation to the church, from the church to reception and from reception to the hotel/airport. Ensure that you (or your best man) have sufficient cash to pay anyone who will require paying on the day (remembering to have enough extra cash to cover tips at about 15% of the fees charged).

Sleep in! Make sure you have lots of rest before facing the long day of socializing that awaits you. When you do get up, a trip to the gym or a jog will help work off those stressful feelings and anxiety. Allow yourself plenty of time to get ready and make sure you arrive at the church early (about an hour before the wedding service is scheduled to start). Spend the time before the service welcoming your guests, laughing and horsing around with your groomsmen, take lots of deep breaths and await the arrival of your beautiful bride.




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