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Publicly spoken vows, promises and the exchanging of wedding rings proclaims a couple's everlasting love and commitment to each other. The wedding ring is the most important, most personal and most precious of gifts that are exchanged between the bride and groom.

Wedding rings are the most significant symbol in the wedding ceremony and will be the life-long symbol of the promises and commitment made to each other. They are worn for everyone to see and, throughout your whole life, tell others of your commitment to your partner. So it is important that this most focal part of your wedding day has the thought and care that it deserves when you are considering the type of wedding ring to buy.

Bride and Groom wedding rings

Wedding Rings - An Everlasting Symbol Of Love

There are several options when choosing your wedding ring; the design, plain or jewelled, shape, engravings, width, etc. etc. The type of precious metal that you wish to have is also a consideration when buying the wedding ring. Most people will have some opinions of the type of precious metal that they would have their wedding ring manufactured from, primarily the list of choices has been gold, white gold, silver or platinum. These days an increasing number of couples are choosing to have their wedding rings manufactured from titanium or even stainless steel.

In the years following your wedding day your wedding rings will continue to be the constant reminder of the commitment and everlasting love that you have declared for each other. The rings may survive through many future generations as a continued symbol of love and commitment for your family descendants. There are thousands of designs and options for wedding rings, so choose a ring that has a timeless yet personal design, reflects an expression of your love and commitment and indicates your devotion to each other for the rest of your lives.

Why A Wedding Ring?

Why have a wedding ring, instead of a wedding necklace or a wedding bracelet, etc.? The ring indicates an unending circle, portraying the married couple's undivided and unending love for each other. It is often mentioned in religious marriage ceremonies as being representative of God's perfect and unending love for humanity.

History Of The Wedding Ring

The traditional wearing of a wedding ring is symbolic of the bond between a married couple and has become as familiar to us as the concept of marriage itself. The history of wedding rings has become clouded by time and is unclear. In an article dating from the July 1869 issue of Appleton’s Journal of popular Literature, Science, and Art, Edward J. Wood hypothesizes that the modern (that is, modern as of 1869) use of wedding rings stems from the practices of ancient Hebrews. It was customary for the family of a prospective groom to give gifts to the potential bride and her family. The general assumption is that it is from this tradition that the use of wedding rings as we know them seems to have evolved.

The Bible does not make any specific reference to the wedding ring, but some references do exist to theorise that the Hebrew custom of the giving of rings did exist. Genesis 24:53 in the King James Version reads, "And the servant brought forth jewels of silver, and jewels of gold, and raiment, and gave them to Rebekah: he gave also to her brother and to her mother precious things," speaking of the servant of Abraham, the father of Isaac, who was to wed Rebekah. Christian wedding ceremonies first included the use of a wedding ring from around 870 a.d.

Wedding Ring On The Fourth Finger

Traditionally the wedding ring is worn on the fourth finger of the left hand and records suggest that this also dates back to ancient times. The ancient Greeks believed that an artery led from the left hand's fourth finger directly to the heart. Of course, through modern science we know that this is pure mythology, but it does serve as an explanation of the position that the wedding ring is worn and serves as a romantic definition and explanation.

The Groom's Wedding Ring

The concept of wearing a wedding ring dates back to ancient times, however the ring was almost exclusively worn only by the bride, possibly indicating her as a man's possession. Ceremonies where rings are exchanged by both the bride and groom are historically a rather new tradition. Men's wedding rings were almost unheard of prior to the Second World War, records indicate that only about 15% of marriages included a wedding ring for the groom. They increased in popularity throughout the WW2 period and afterwards, with the percentage of marriages including a groom's wedding ring jumping to 60%. Today, it is more unusual for a wedding service not to include a wedding ring for the groom, with marriage services incorporating 'the exchanging of rings'.

A Symbol Of Unity

While the precise origin of the wedding ring is unclear and lost to history, in modern times we recognise the wedding ring as a symbol of the unity of marriage of two people. The couples of today also generally choose their wedding rings together, thus adding to the personal symbolism that the jewellery carries for them individually and collectively. Additionally, the wedding ring serves as a social symbol in today’s world, signifying to others that this man or woman is committed to another and "spoken for".




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Wedding Rings

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