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Sample Wedding Congratulations Letter
After the wedding date

Wedding congratulations letter

This is a sample wedding congratulations letter based on our advice for the content, for sending to the newly married couple after their wedding date. The letter of congratulations that you send to a recently married couple is much the same either before or after their wedding ceremony, with the tense of the expressions changed. We’ve included the notes that it is compiled from as a guide.

Notes Before Writing The Wedding Congratulations Letter

  • Congratulations on your marriage
  • Pleased to hear of the wedding
  • Made for each other/bond of love
  • Love quote
  • Best wishes for the future


Sample Wedding Congratulations Letter


Mr & Mrs Tom Smith,
12 High Road


Dear Tom and Helen,

Congratulations on your recent marriage, I write to send you my very best wishes for married life and for your future together. I know that you two were made for each other and now you have tied the bond of love and can look forward to a lifetime of happiness together.

Charles Dickens wrote "Have a heart that never hardens, and a temper that never tires, and a touch that never hurts". My sincere wish is that your married life together will have this principle throughout and that your love for each other grows day by day.

Thank you for inviting George and I to the wedding, it was such a wonderful occasion. We were both so pleased to be able to share your very special day and to celebrate your marriage.

Sending you our heartfelt very best wishes for your future together.

Your friend always,



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A wedding congratulations letter should be personal and unique to you. Standard wedding cards will provide a reply to the invitation, but are never as personal as a hand written letter following the wedding, when you wish to send your congratulations to the couple on their marriage.

A wedding congratulations letter will convey your heart-felt wishes personally to the couple and gives you the opportunity to fully express your happiness on their marriage in a hand written form of wedding congratulations letter.


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