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Sending Your Best Wishes By Letter

Sending words of congratulations for a wedding to the bride and groom seems like an easy task, until you sit with a sheet of blank paper and a mind racing with thoughts that you wish to express. We all wish to pass on our heartfelt congratulations to the bride and groom on the occasion of their marriage, but sometimes what we say just doesn't convey our real thoughts and feelings. There are different occasions when we need to express our congratulatory wishes to the happy couple, in RSVP saying if we will, or will not, be attending the wedding, when we meet them on their wedding day or afterwards, in a speech at the wedding reception or in a letter following their happy event.

Sending wedding congratulations letter or card

Wedding congratulations can be sent by a greetings card, with pre-printed wording and maybe a short note of good wishes by the sender. Wedding telegrams, containing an abridged note of you best wishes, and charged by the word, are less common in today's modern society. When you want to send your congratulations, best wishes and personal thoughts to the happy couple, sending them a handwritten note or a letter is far more personal, effective and meaningful. With sincere wording and careful planning of your letter you will be able to convey your true feelings and genuine congratulations on their marriage.

List Your Congratulations Thoughts

When composing the wedding congratulations letter, your thoughts and sentiments are exclusively personal, and so we wouldn’t propose to give you a form of ‘standard wording’ for such a heartfelt letter. With our help and advice, we will assist you to write a personal letter that says what you really want to say to the married couple.

Start by making notes of your thoughts in a list, then sort them into an order of priority that you wish to convey them, remembering that your letter’s main purpose is to pass on your congratulations on their wedding. Then write a sentence or two on each of the points on your list, maybe including a suitable quotation from some eminent person or an extract of a love poem that’s relevant to what you’re saying (if you need resources for these try an internet search for these items). Assemble the sentences into paragraphs in the order that you want to say the things you have written, then you can add an opening remark and add some closing words to your letter and you have completed the wedding congratulations letter that you’re writing.

Starting and Concluding the Wedding Congratulations Letter

The opening sentence need not be anything too complex, just a straightforward sentence that sets the tone of your letter. If you’re writing to the couple before their wedding takes place, this could be something like "Congratulations on your forthcoming wedding, I write to send you my very best wishes for your wedding day and for your future together." Alternatively, if the wedding has already taken place you may wish to say "Congratulations on your recent marriage, I write to send you my very best wishes for your future together."

The conclusion of the wedding congratulations letter should include your personal wishes for the couple's future and maybe a suggestion that you should get together in the future to view their wedding pictures, talk about their wedding day and honeymoon.

Sending Wedding Congratulations As Your RSVP

If the letter you are sending is in the form of an RSVP response to the wedding invitation, then include a paragraph to indicate whether or not you are able to attend the wedding. Although there are 'formal' words available to respond to an RSVP, your letter is primarily a personal communication congratulating the happy couple on their wedding, so you can inform them of your intention to attend (or not attend) using a personal, friendly, wording. If you are unable to attend the wedding, it is good manners to include a short explanation why.

Addressing The Wedding Congratulations Letter

Your letter should be addressed to the wedding couple personally. If you are sending it before the wedding then this should be in both names, for example "Mr. Tom Smith and Miss (or Ms) Helen Jones", but if you are writing to them after the marriage, then the married name should be used, for example "Mr and Mrs Tom Smith". The opening address in either case would be to use the couple's first names, for example Dear Tom and Helen,".

The signature at the end of such a personal letter may be less formal than etiquette suggests. Formally, such a letter would end with 'yours sincerely', but a personal letter congratulating a couple on the wedding should end by sending your love and reiterating your very best wishes for the couple.





A wedding congratulations letter should be personal and unique to you. Standard wedding cards will provide a reply to the invitation, but are never as personal as a hand written letter to reply to the wedding invitation when you wish to send your congratulations to the couple for their wedding day. A wedding congratulations letter will convey your heart-felt wishes personally to the couple and gives you the opportunity to fully express your happiness on the announcement of their wedding in a hand written form of wedding congratulations letter.


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