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Inexpensive Wedding Dress
Get a Cheap Gown That Will Make Jaws Drop

By Sean Saunders

You don't have to be financial whiz to plan a great wedding on a budget. All it takes is a few clever ideas, some thrifty shopping, and the right attitude and you can easily save thousands. Take for instance the wedding dress. You can easily get an inexpensive wedding dress that is beautiful and elegant WITHOUT spending thousands of dollars, pounds, euros or whatever your local currency is!

How to Easily Get an Inexpensive Wedding Dress...

  1. Shop in the Off Season. Shopping for a gown during wedding season (late spring through summer) is like trying to buy a car from a salesman that saw you drive up in a cab -- it's going to cost you an arm, a leg, and probably a kidney to boot. If they know you NEED it, you're not going to save a dime.

  2. Get Away From Tradition. It's "traditional" to wear a white and very large dress -- it's not law. You can wear any size or colour dress you want. A white slip dress, a silver tea-length gown, or just any dress you own that looks great on you. Add in a couple of bridal accessories and do a few alterations and NOBODY can say that it isn't a suitable wedding-day dress.

  3. Ask Family. Did you ever think about wearing your mom's, aunt's, or even your grandmother's wedding gown? Well, if you didn't, it's time to start considering the idea. This isn't just a great way to get an inexpensive wedding dress, it's a way to get a FREE dress for your wedding. Ask her if you could have the honour of wearing the gown on your big day. If she has a heart, and you use that magical word "honour", there's no way you'll be turned down.

  4. Think Outside The Box. Visit second hand stores, thrift stores, antique shops, drama centres of high-schools/colleges, and even flea markets. Odds are one of these places has an extraordinarily inexpensive wedding dress which is suitable to wear.

What To Do With The Savings...

Aside from just being able to pocket the savings, you could use some of the money to make alterations to that beautiful, yet incredibly inexpensive wedding dress you just picked up. You can change color, size, accessories, style, you name it. Hire a good seamstress to make the changes and you'll be good to go.


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