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Todd W Cassidy

So much pressure is put onto you when planning a wedding - not just the logistics and organisation but the assumption that everything must be perfect. This includes how the bride looks on her wedding day, and your wedding dress plays a big part in that. Choosing a wedding dress can be a very stressful aspect of organising a wedding, trying to incorporate your own style and personality into your look, while fulfilling dreams you may have had since you were a little girl - not to mention the fact that all eyes will be on you! These 5 easy tips will help you to de-stress and approach your wedding dress shopping with absolute zen...

  1. Do your research and have a good idea of what you want before you even set foot inside a bridal wear store. Be honest about your body shape, what cuts of dress flatter you the most and what designs you adore. Of course you can browse, but it's better to go into a store saying: "I'm after an A-line dress with a full train and sweetheart neckline" than "I'm looking for something flowy and long but fitted and white, but maybe ivory and I don't know about a train....."

  2. Find your style. Look through your wardrobe - what is it you come back to again and again when choosing clothes? Perhaps it's a colour, a cut, an accessory. Apply that to your choice of wedding dress and find a style that suits you perfectly. Think practicality as well as beauty - the more comfortable you are, the less stressed and awkward you will feel.

  3. Take a few shopping trips alone. Sometimes it's good to find your own opinions before you add in the confusion and pressure of other perspectives. Even if your bridesmaids, best friend and mum have your interests at heart, all those different thoughts and choices can make wedding dress shopping really hard. Visit a bridal store by yourself to get an idea of what you're looking for, and then bring in your most trusted friends and family for the final decision making.

  4. Save money! You really don't need to spend thousands on a designer wedding dress. Factory outlets stock designer wedding gowns at discounted prices, meaning you CAN afford that gorgeous style without worrying about the price tag!

  5. Take some time out from your wedding plans. Enjoy some time without thinking about anything to do with your upcoming nuptials. Remember what life was like before all this manic planning?! Be kind to yourself. Go for a meal with friends, go for a swim, or sit and read a book in a quiet cafe. Yes your wedding is important but so is your state of mind! Give yourself a break now and then and you'll feel far more capable when you return to the tasks you have left to do.


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