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Veils and Headdresses

When you have chosen your wedding dress you should turn your thoughts to the accessories that you will wear with it on the wedding day. Although not considered an essential, most brides choose to adopt some form of head decoration in addition to their hairstyle. Will you wear a tiara, flowers, fascinator or jewellery in your hair or have you decided to wear a veil to compliment your chosen wedding dress?

Wedding veil and tiara

Wedding Veils

There are numerous styles of veils, in different lengths, differing numbers of layers and a variety of decorations. These range from a simple single layer stitched-edge veil to a crystal decorated full length multi-layered veil. You will have a wide range of veils to choose from to compliment your chosen wedding dress, with a choice of edgings either stitched, ribbons or other edging material, plain or patterned mesh, covered with sequins, beads or crystals – you’re certain to find something that matches your dress and personal preferences.

A short single layered veil is worn towards the back of the head and falls to the top of the shoulders, they are not designed to fall forward and cover the face.

If you wish to have a short veil and a face covering then a two layer veil will be required. This style of veil is designed to be worn either towards the back of the head or can be positioned further forward, it has a second, shorter, section that will come forward and cover the face. The face covering veil is called a blusher. Lengths can be varied on this style to cover the shoulders, or extend down to the elbows, waist, floor or even to reach the end of your wedding dress train.

It is very much a matter of personal choice if the bride wishes to cover her face with a blusher veil up to the point of the marriage ceremony. Many brides prefer the look of multiple layers on their veil, but don’t wish to cover their face, whilst others prefer the blusher over their face to conceal the odd lip tremor or tear of joy as they walk down the aisle.

Wedding Tiaras and Floral Hair Decoration

There’s a wide range of tiaras to choose from, in a wide variety of colours and shapes – from small or narrow ones that will compliment your veil to large or wide designs that will crown your head. Tiaras can be decorated with beads, sequins, crystals, feathers, fabric or any combination of decorations that will compliment your dress. Decorated combs or pins inserted into the hairstyle can have a similar effect to a tiara.

Many brides prefer to have flowers in their hair to compliment the bouquet and her wedding dress. If so, discuss with your hairdresser a hairstyle that will lend itself to having flowers woven into it. Should you decide to take this option, then speak with your florist to choose flowers that will survive out of water for the duration of the wedding and are robust enough to withstand the heat without wilting. Silk flowers are a great alternative to fresh flowers as a part of your wedding hairstyle.





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