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Wedding Dress Trains

A train is where the fabric that the dress is made from is extended at the back to trail behind the bride. The length of the train varies and it can be styled to suit your taste and need.


A Sweep or Duster Train - The smallest train that is used on wedding dresses, the duster train extends about 50cm from the hem on the dress. Not to be confused with the designed flare on the style of the dress. This is the easiest train for the bride to manage.

Wedding dress sweep or duster train

A Puddle Train – The puddle train is rounded and begins at the sides of the dress, creating the impression that the bride is standing in a 'puddle' of fabric. This style of train is often teamed with fishtail or column style dresses, often in a lighter fabric.

Wedding dress puddle train

A Chapel Train – Fixed from the hem or the waist and usually about a metre long.

Wedding dress chapel train

Cathedral Train - Fixed from the hem or the waist and usually two metres or above in length..

Wedding dress cathedral train

The style and length of your train is a matter of personal consideration, taking account of the practicalities of managing it over the day and how it is to be carried. Throughout the marriage service your bridesmaids will be responsible for carrying the train and arranging it after you have walked down the aisle and while standing for pictures.

The longer (and heavier) the train is, the more difficult it will be to manage. When deciding on the train for your wedding dress give consideration both to the service and photographs as well as the rest of your wedding day. Dress designers have created a number of solutions to the conflict of wanting a train for the wedding ceremony but not wanting the inconvenience of it for the rest of the wedding day. A train which is fasted to the wedding dress at the waist can be detachable, so it will be totally removed without spoiling the style of the dress after the ceremony and photographs have taken place. If the dress style and design will accommodate it, the train may have loops and laces attached that will enable it to be assembled into a bustle later in the wedding day. A shorter train can have a loop that will slip over the bride’s wrist to allow it to be carried, although this can become a little awkward and tiring as the wedding day progresses.

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